Crossover.Technology Inc.


Crossover.Technology Inc. (CTI) is the First Filipino owned Solar Manufacturing company & established by it’s Chairman & President Jerry Agnes in September 2015. 
Core business is to manufacture superior technology Solar Panels.
CTI was approved by the PEZA board in April 18,2016 as an ECOZONE EXPORT ENTERPRISE to engage in the Manufacture of Solar Panels at LISPIII SEZ: Resolution 16-200
PEZA Official registration signed  on May 17th, 2016 by Director General Lilia De Lima *PEZA is Philippines Economic Zone Authority,  Phil government agency that is -Tasked to promote investments, grant incentives to and facilitate the business operations of investors in export-oriented manufacturing and service facilities inside selected areas throughout the country proclaimed as PEZA Special Economic Zones VAT zero – rating certification no 2016-2087 received June 01,2016 PEZA Incentives