IXO SYSTEM represents a complex solution for airspace users and providers looking for a product seamlessly integrating information on manned and unmanned aircraft operations in the sky and providing aeronautical information in real time to be shared to all airspace users. 
IXO SYSTEM is capable of gathering, processing and displaying aeronautical data received from a variety of data sources (such as AFTN/AMHS, EAD, AMC, NM B2B, weather stations, etc.) in a common air picture integrating manned/unmanned aircraft information of diverse users into one coordinated air traffic presented over 2D/3D basemap by use of Smart Layers concept
IXO SYSTEM architecture is based on server-client model for a support of IXO SYSTEM SW modules, each of which is assigned to a specific airspace user group. Currently, IXO CLIENT  applications support following user groups:

•    Public Authorities (CAA, ANSP [e.g. ARO, NOF, SAR, SAF, FIS, etc.])
•    Emergency service (Police, Fire brigade, Ambulance) 
•    RPAS/UAV Producers/Integrators
•    RPAS/UAV Service Providers
•    VFR/IFR Aircraft Pilots – Integrated Web Briefing
•    DRONE (small RPAS) Pilots

IXO RPAS mobile application created under the RPAS regulations provides the small RPAS pilot instructions how to easily create and validate RPAS zones over a basemap layer with just one click. RPAS zones created by the app and distributed to all IXO SYSTEM users are accessible via public internet. 

IXO RPAS - Flight Management:

•    RPAS Pilot registration (RPAS regulation, Training & Test, small RPAS (Drone) pilot certification)
•    Creation and validation of RPAS Fly Zones over a map
•    Real-time presentation of RPAS airspace usage information
•    RPAS No-Fly Zone specification/display (such as danger- , restricted- , prohibited- area, etc.)
•    Calculation of airspace usage conflict between RPAS zone and another airspace object/entity, optional conflicts of RPAS Fly Zone vs:
o    SDO entity 
o    Other RPAS Fly Zone
o    RPAS No-Fly Zone
o    Active FUA Area
•    RPAS Fly Zone conflict monitoring throughout a flight
•    RPAS pilot notification via push notification displayed on a user's mobile device
•    Recording of flight permissions, and emergency service reports.

For more info visit www.ixosystem.com.