Instil Software


Instil is a bespoke software development and training company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Formed in 2005, Instil works with clients to craft solutions for challenging problems across a variety of domains, to rescue projects in trouble, and to advise, lead and train other software teams to success. Trusted by some of the world's best known companies, we engineer mission critical, mobile, desktop and cloud solutions that sit at the heart of our clients' businesses.

Underpinned by a culture of quality and software engineering excellence - with a huge focus on code, quality and automated testing - we strive to build robust, resilient, performant software that exceeds customers’ expectations.

In the last years, our dedicated mobile team has developed Surge by Instil - an innovative, real-time, video streaming framework that brings live streaming capabilities to millions of mobile devices.

Features include:

•    Simultaneous Streams
•    Cross Platform
•    Reactive Design
•    Hardware Decoding
•    Simple API
•    Friendly Licensing

Learn how Surge by Instil has improved the streaming quality of the world’s finest underwater drone or come and visit us at stand 88a for more information.