Here from over 20 UAV professionals at the cutting edge of UAV innovation, including presentations on the integration of manned and unmanned transport, safe airspace integration and BVLoS.

Wednesday 15th November



UAVs for precision agriculture 

Among all potential markets for UAVs, precision agriculture is considered to be the largest. How will UAVs change the way we collect field data, monitor field equipment, and even operate agricultural machinery?

Hyo-Sang Shin, Senior Lecturer in Guidance, Navigation and Control, Cranfield University

Cranfield University

How UTM will enable routine BVLoS operations

Key to the development of commercial applications of UAVs will be the ability to operate BVLOS; how close are we to an effective UTM?

Neil Kidd, Chief Technology Officer, Altitude Angel

Altitude Angel

Bridging the gap between manned and unmanned aviation

A gap exists between a drone industry comparatively new to the complexities of aviation safety and regulation, and traditional aviation organisations who are charged with maintaining safety and efficiency in the skies. How can it be bridged?

Jean-Pierre De Muyt, Chief Commercial Officer, Unifly


UAVs for connectivity

What commercial applications exist for UAVs in connectivity?

Lucy England, Senior Associate, Bird & Bird

Bird & Bird

How do you actually scale Enterprise drone operations?

Thanks to technological breakthroughs and new guidelines, drone use is expanding beyond military and consumer markets and is seeping into the enterprise. How can the new drone enterprise ecosystem be supported and scaled?

Chris Blackford, Co-founder and COO, Sky-Futures


senseFly – The Professional’s Mapping Drone of Choice

senseFly’s proven drone solutions simplify the collection and analysis of geospatial data, allowing professionals in fields such as surveying, agriculture, engineering and humanitarian aid to make better decisions, faster. This talk will tell the story of senseFly and detail the company’s solutions, featuring interesting customer projects from around the world.

Christopher Thomson, Sales Manager, SenseFly


Is your drone legal?

Adhering to the legal requirements for private and commercial drones.

Simon Monkman, Enforcement Officer, Spectrum Technology Engineering and Enforcement, Ofcom


Regulating Very Low Level Airspace: What Does The Industry Need?

The future of regulation for different airspace categories

Paul Rigby, CEO, Consortiq


The 4th Industrial Revolution with Autonomous Drones-as-a-Service (A-DaaS)

Unmanned Life has developed the world's first AI-driven IoT platform to deploy and manage fleets of commercial drones. This opens the possibility of a fully autonomous robot work force that enables the 4th Industrial Revolution. This technology is not a distant hope for the future but already a reality, capable of disrupting human labour intensive industries such as postal, shipping, logistics, oil and gas, surveillance, aid and more.

Nicholas Zylberglajt, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Unmanned Life

Unmanned Life

Pay-as-you-fly insurance for UAVs

How should the insurance industry respond to the challenges of UAVs? Creating customised insurance policies for each UAV flight.

Ed Klinger, CEO, Flock


New roles, new rules, completely new opportunities

The first three generations of fixed-wing UAVs closely replicated manned-aircraft vehicles in design – and mission profiles. But new thinking, which breaks away from the restrictions of manned vehicle form and function, are opening completely new opportunities – and markets.

Dr Donough Wilson, Innovation Lead, VIVID/futureVision


No 'Drone' Shots

Create impressive aerial shots without a drone

Jochem J. Feldberg, Partner & Spokesman & pilot & dronepilot,

Why mid-sized drones will soar with hydraulics!

Operating drones underwater; what technical innovations are needed to enhance applications in oil pipeline inspection, underwater mapping and surveying?

Andy Hessler, Entrepreneur/Owner, Brokkr Technologies


Thursday 16th November



Driving BVLOS technology forward

To expand the potential and deliver routine operations Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLoS), a range of technologies are required to ensure collision avoidance and improve the general level of safety in the skies.

Al Savvaris, Reader in Aerospace Systems, Cranfield University

Cranfield University

The Civil Drones Regulations and Industries in Europe

A European Perspective on drone regulation and the future of the UAV industry

Ernesto Llorente, Business Development Manager, CITD Engineering & Technologies

CITD Engineering & Technologies

Developing Compelling Drone Operating Safety Cases

In the competitive world of Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) holders, you can submit an Operational Safety Case (OSC) for a reduction of operational limits in congested areas. How can you develop and submit a strong case?

Gavin Wishart, Director, Aviation Systems Group

Aviation Systems Group

Autonomous drones in a context of process optimizations

UAVs should be more than radio controlled machines, how can we make them fully autonomous by being aware of their environment and being able to learn themselves to get smarter every day? 

Geoffrey Mormal, Founder & CEO, ALX Systems, ALX

ALX Systems, ALX

Safe Drone, your trusted UAV partner 

Transferring core aviation expertise to new UAV business models

Ulrich Hoffman, Product Development, Safe Drone

Safe Drone

Innovations in propeller technology

Why does choosing the right drone propeller matter?

Jan Hruska, Business Development Manager, Mejzlik


Professional Unmanned Operations and Safe Airspace Integration

Continued market growth for UAVs will come from greater access to airspace; what milestones need to be achieved still to ensure safe airspace integration?

Jon Damush, Chief Growth Officer, Insitu Commercial

Insitu Commercial

Drone Swarming

Swarming is currently considered to be one of the most promising areas of defence technology development in the world, what is the future of drone swarming technology?

Michael Jones, Software Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

Advanced electric motors for drone propulsion

Improving range and payload with high power density low inertia electric motors

Ryan Maughan, Managing Director, AVID Technology Group Ltd

AVID Technology Group Ltd

A short guide to UK regulation

Current opportunities and challenges in UK regulation

Rupert Dent, Legislation Director, ARPAS-UK


Using MyDroneSpace

How will MyDroneSpace’s latest products benefit your enterprise? 

Pavol Serbin, Sales & Project Manager, My Drone Space - R-SYS

My Drone Space - R-SYS

Using drones for confined spaces inspection

Introducing UAV technology for flying indoor in confined spaces and presenting several case studies on confined spaces inspections

Johan Mlouka, Business Development and Sales, Flyability


Adoption of UAV technologies in Africa: Opportunities and challenges

How are UAVs being deployed across West Africa and what is the potential for growth?

Dr. Victor M. Mwongera, Aerospace Engineering Lecturer, Kenyatta University

Kenyatta University





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