The poster zone will be located on the exhibition floor and will showcase work, both completed and on-going across both days of the show. 


Posters on show include:

  • AirShaper - professional aerodynamics made easy
    Remmerie Wouter
  • DronesBench an innovative bench to test Drones
    Mauro Pompetti
  • Insurance
    Andrew Hagger
  • System of Protection and Safety
    Giorgi Darejanishvili
  • Use cases for Configurable Tilt Rotor Aircraft.
    Phillip Scott
  • Imperial DroneSoc: London's Leading Hotspot for Drone Enthusiasts
    Devansh Agrawal, Fernando Acero, Nathan Davey, Gerald Low, Vishnu Menon, Pietro Giraudi, Marij Qureshi
  • Drone Minds - Online Forum of Drone Users
    Jonathan Malory, Drone Pilot, Drone Minds
  • Autonomous AI technology for UAVs
    Viktor Lysyuk, Co-Founder, Molfar Technologies
  • Airborne Robotics is a leading manufacturer (OEM) of drones for commercial / professional use.
    Elle, CMO, Airborne Robotics
  • Above Surveying / Specialists in Aerial Thermographic Surveying of Solar PV
    Will Hitchcock
  • Smart Strut / Lightweight low cost engineering strut integrating Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data harvesting and connectivity intelligence, a hardware based artificial neural network (ANN), and "future-proofed" serviceable and upgradeable battery storage 
    Tim Evans, Chris Vaissiere
  • Abacus Drones
    Roger Letch
  • Lido/SkyData
    Cheng-Yi Cheng
  • Seeing from above - Khitan-period landscapes in Mongolia. The Khi-Land project.
    Andras Harmath, Katalin Tolnai, Zsolt Szilágyi
  • What could you do with a modular UAS?
    Phillip Scott
  • Simplifying Complex Inspections
  • Carlson Photo Capture for Aerial Survey
    Carlson Software
  • "Realistic Drone Simulator"     Making a drone simulator is difficult, but definitley worth it.   This Drone Simulator allows you to rapidly prototype and test usability during the experience of it and improves user experience.
    Yesol Kim (Sabi Park, Hyungjung Kim, Dahoon Jeong), Student, Korea Polytechnic University
  • 'Freight Traffic Control 2050 (FTC2050): transforming the energy demands of last-mile urban freight through collaborative logistics'  This poster is based on a major research project being carried out with urban authorities and freight transport operators.  
    Allen, J., Bates, O., Bektas, T., Cherrett, T., Friday, A., McLeod, F., Nguyen, T., Piecyk, M., Piotrowska, M. and Wise, S. University of Southampton, University of Westminster, University of Lancaster, University College London
  • Combined research of snow depth and winter leaf area index based on UAV digital photogrammetry
    Theodora Lendzioch, Jakub Langhammer, Michal Jenicek    Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Albertov 6, Prague, Czech Republic  


Guidelines and specifications

You need to bring:

  • An A0 portrait poster
  • Business cards
  • Your team ready to discuss our work

We provide:

  • A poster space
  • A business card holder
  • 000s of attendees

The Commercial UAV Show 2016 Poster Zone Photo

The Commercial UAV Show 2016 Poster Zone Photo

The Commercial UAV Show 2016 Poster Zone Photo

If you have any questions relating to your submission please email


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