UAVs are changing the way emergency services work. If you work in emergency services come to this theatre to learn the incredible capabilities of UAVs and how that can save lives and transform the working lives of emergency services personell.


Wednesday 15th November



A new rescue delivery system for sea and water environments

Introducing EDDE, a self-inflating rescue system that replaces traditional life rings

James Baker, Developer, IRIS


Drones in Emergency Response

How drones are changing humanitarian disaster response

Oisin McGrath,  Chief Helicopter Instructor,   Irish Air Corps,  CEO,   DroneSAR,  Head of Training -  FlyRyte Drone Academy 

Irish Air Corps DroneSAR FlyRyte Drone Academy

Tethered drone solutions for public safety

The benefits of tethered drone systems and alternative solutions for public safety

Géraud Gaillard,  International Sales Manager,  Elistair


Drones for Good 

Using drones for risk assessment, gathering evidence and preventing future accidents

Pete McCarthy, Lecturer in Human Factors and Accident Investigation, Cranfield University

Cranfield University

Cardiac Arrest - The use of UAVs to Save Lives in an Ambulance Service

How defibrillator drones could save lives before ambulance arrives

Mark Ainsworth-Smith, Consultant Pre-Hospital Care Practitioner, South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

NQE PFCO Instruction – the practical approach

An overview of the training needed for Permission for Commercial Operation

Alan Perrin, Chief Instructor & Assessor, Cambridge UAV Academy

Cambridge UAV Academy

1 hour workshop: Commercial training for the public sector

How This workshop is designed to show candidates the process we go through when we plan for a flight or a mission. It will demonstrate the many factors that need to be taken into account when a UAV operator starts their planning process from the airspace they are operating in to the weather. 

This workshop will present a hypothetical problem then the instructor will talk through each step of the process to ensure that the hypothetical flight is safe, legal and achievable.

The workshop will be facilitated by a RUSTA instructor who has thousands of hours flying both manned and unmanned platforms and will demonstrate the attention to detail, the attitude to safe operation and the professional presentation that RUSTA instills on all of its candidates. At RUSTA we believe that this level of professionalism is vital to mitigate any air incidents and continue to let the UAV industry grow to benefit industries Nationwide.

Sion Roberts, UAS Manager, Rusta


Building a UAV Ecosystem

Strategy, achievements & barriers in developing a new, national value chain in the drone industry in Denmark

Brad Beach, Director, Test Center, UAS Denmark

UAS Test Centre Denmark

How UAVs are used in The West Midlands Fire Service

The West Midlands Fire Service is already using unmanned aerial systems for a variety of tasks. These include large scale fires, wide area search, incidents involving hazardous materials and assessing key 

West Midlands Fire Service

West Midlands Fire Service

Commercial training for the public sector

How could the public sector make use of UAVs and what training is needed?

Sion Roberts, UAS Manager, Rusta





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