The Commercial UAV Show Day 2 - Thursday 16th November 2017

Day 2 - Thursday 16th November 2017


Conference welcome and Chairperson's opening remarks

Infrastructure and UAV


Opening Keynote: Innovative and creative uses of drones in the construction industry: Transferrable lessons

  • How have changes in regulation and advances in technology changed how UAVs are used in construction?
  • What does UAV use mean for training staff?
  • What kind of data can you get from a drone?
  • What does adoption look like for organisations of different scales?

Rail Surveys – Drones are a “game changer”

  • What are the biggest risks, costs and challenges facing the rail service delivery chain?
  • Vogel R3D: “a game changer”; What is it, why is it unique and how is it the most advanced method of data capture available in the industry?
  • How a single survey can be used for not only rail alignment design, but H&S assessments, condition surveys, and virtual site visits
  • How drones are changing the way we think about data capture and delivery

The Future of Aerial Data: Drones as a Tool in a Broader Ecosystem

As drones become more common in industries around the world, their novelty is wearing off and they are becoming one of many tools companies turn to to answer questions and solve problems. We will explore how drones, paired with satellites, manned aircraft and other tools can provide a comprehensive solution to ensure companies can scale how they use aerial data.

What is the role of drones in smart cities?

  • What are the challenges and opportunities of UAVs in smart cities?
  • What are the main uses for UAVs in the future city?
  • UAVs for traffic and pollution monitoring
  • How will regulations have to be adapted to encompass the use of UAVs in urban airspace?

Morning networking break

Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and New Opportunities


When Big is Too Big: Real-Time Drone Data Processing on the Edge

  • “Big” is only Getting Bigger: Optical Sensors versus Broadband
  • Cloud or Edge? What Every Drone Operator Should Know About Where the Math Gets Crunched
  • GPUs and a New Era of Massive Local Parallelization
  • Real-World Computing on the Edge: Real-time 3D Reconstruction

How UAVs are being used in search and rescue operations

  • What vision do SAR operators have for the future use of UAV technology?
  • Exploring the third dimension for SAR – our journey so far
  • Encouraging SAR partners to engage with our Technology Demonstration Challenge

Unmanned aircraft for autonomous accident investigation

  • Examining and analyzing UAV uses in accident investigation
  • Investigating the use of LiDAR in response to accidents

UNICEF: Engaging drones for humanitarian use

  • Developing national regulatory frameworks for drones
  • Delivering laboratory samples and health supplies
  • Integrating drones in emergency response
  • Africa’s first drone air corridor for humanitarian use

Networking lunch & exhibition visit

UAV Capabilites for 2018 and Beyond


Chairman: Karo Kuusiholma, Independent RPAS and near space policy and regulatory advisor


What is the importance of safety management systems for UAVs?

  • How are safety management systems developed?
  • What are the standards that have been created across industries?
  • What are the risks if your organisation does not have a safety management system in place?
  • Finding an inspiring way to promote safety

Managing the world’s first Hands-free Hectare

  • Automated machines growing the first arable crop remotely
  • How drones and automated field scouts have been used with our agronomist
  • Using open source software to control the autonomous systems
  • Taking crop samples of the Hectare with an aerial drone system.

The very near future of last mile logistics: 100kg cargo UAV’s

  • the application of our large cargo UAV’s in disaster-struck areas

Where can I fly? A comparison in frustration from both sides of the pond

  • The US, EC and French legal framework on drones
a co-presentation from Eric Hanscom and Laurent Archambault,

End of Conference 2017

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