The Commercial UAV Show Day 1 - Wednesday 15th November 2017

Day 1 - Wednesday 15th November 2017


Registration commences, Exhibition doors open


Opening address by Jennifer Clark, Conference Director


Conference welcome and Chairperson's opening remarks

The Future of UAVs


Opening Keynote: Developing an autonomous ATM system and defining the future of the drone industry

  • Designing an air traffic management system that will allow for widely used BVLOS operations
  • What are the obstacles between where we are now and universal BVLOS?
  • Lessons learned from field testing a UAS Traffic Management System
  • Areas of research and development needed to support BVLOS operations

The Military Experience of Getting BVLOS Approval

  • Unmanned Air Systems Team – Quick Programme Summary.
  • UAS PT – Safety and Airworthiness, Classification
  • 10 Steps to Operation
  • Categorization Proposal
  • 10 Pillars of Airworthiness
  • Joint Authorities for Rulemaking of Unmanned Systems – SORA

Innovating and adopting technology trends: The oil industry’s view

  • How have Autonomous Machines revolutionised the oil industry?
  • Flying, Swimming, Crawling the fleet approach to inspection
  • Transforming environmental surveying and inspection with Autonomous Machines. Exceptional case studies from within BP

Speed networking


Morning networking break



Panel: Malicious actors and UAVs: What is the role of the industry when countering drones?

  • What are the benefits of manufacturer and industry self-regulation over government control?
  • Who holds the ultimate responsibility to prevent misuse of UAVs?
  • How can you keep track of where your product is going?
  • What are the current preventative measures, and how can they be improved?

Roundtable Discussions

UAVs in precision agriculture
Jonathan Gill, Mechatronics Teaching Assistant & UAV Pilot, National Centre for Precision Farming

​UAV use in day-to-day law enforcement
Ole Kristensen, Chief Superintendent, North Jutland Police Operational Center

The potential of UAVs and BIM
James Dunthorne, UAV Technical Manager, Plowman Craven

IoT-Connected UAVs
Joni Pelham, Research Fellow in Flight Data, School of Aerospace, Transport & Manufacturing, University of Cranfield

The role of UAV’s in the deployment and maintenance of communication networks
Rob Chambers, Managing Director, Total Telecom

Driving BVLOS technology forward
Michael Read, independent industry expert and world’s most experienced jetpack flyer

Networking lunch & exhibition visit

Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

Track 2 - Fine-tuning The Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

Driving Business Benefits with Mapping Drone Technology

  • How mapping drones are employed across geospatial applications
  • How drone mapping compares to traditional survey methods
  • How one leading UK geospatial company used drone technology to grow its business
  • Numerous additional examples of drone ROI from around the world
Track 2 - Fine-tuning the Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

How do you actually scale enterprise drone operations?

  • Why is Enterprise now looking to scale in-house rather than outsourcing?
  • What tools are needed to scale Enterprise drone operations?
  • How can/will Enterprise deal with the ever-increasing amounts of drone-based data they collect?
  • What does the future look like for scaled Enterprise drone operations?
Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

Panel: Handling your data: How to get the most valuable insights?

  • Overcoming the challenges of a data overload
  • Best practices for processing, analysing and storing your data
  • Recognising what is invaluable and what is irrelevant
  • How secure is your data? Advice for spotting potential pitfalls
Track 2 - Fine-tuning the Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

Flying High

  • The flying high programme seeks to catalyse the public vision around urban drone operations and
  • advance fully integrated drone systems technologies that benefit existing cities and regions. Through
  • a collaborative engagement with public leaders and technologists Nesta will convene a consortium of pioneering cities to create an expansive and interconnected series of live, large-scale and complex urban drones systems demonstrations projects.
  • These will leverage drone-related technological breakthroughs to ensure that cities and the public are at the heart of shaping how this technology integrates into their communities

Blue Lights


Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

Policing and UAVs: How can drones help with traffic management and accident reporting?

  • How can UAVs be used to collect data in a new, efficient way?
  • How are UAVs modernising the way that traditional traffic monitoring can be carried out?
  • What are the advantages of using UAVs?
  • Case studies and examples
Track 2 - Fine-tuning the Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

Developing universal standards across the UAV industry

  • How will adopting standards help bring new market entrants?
  • Who should be involved in the creation of standards?
  • Why there is a need today in order to grow tomorrow
  • How should regulators be involved from the initial stages?

Afternoon Networking Break

Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

UAVs: A tool for emergency management?

  • What are the potential applications of UAVs in emergency management?
  • How UAVs can be used for risk assessment
  • How are UAVs enhancing investigations in new ways?
Track 2 - Fine-tuning the Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

Moving at the speed of business: The problems with regulating innovative technology

  • Creating standards from the UAV industry across several member states
  • How can you move the management of UAVs out of the regulatory sphere?
  • What are the benefits to users of UAVs if standards are created by bodies other than national regulators?
  • How is the ICAO developing a global registry for the UAV industry?
Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

What will the skies look like in 2050?

  • Beyond 2020: what are the long-term predictions for the future of our airspace?
  • What will the biggest goals and milestones be over the next 30 years?
  • How much change can we expect to see? Will it be a gradual acceptance or a total shift in regulation?
  • Will commercial airspace become more public or private?
Track 2 - Fine-tuning the Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

Regulation focus: Preparing for the impact of Brexit and global change on the industry

  • How effective is current legislation? What are the expectations for the next 5 years?
  • Will the regulatory landscape within the UK mirror that of the EU after Brexit?
  • UK role in developing the UAV sector; encouraging innovation
  • What are our expectations for regulatory change, if any?
Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

Invisible Highways: Developing autonomous traffic management systems

  • Enabling safe low-altitude civilian UAS operations
  • How can a UTM (UAV traffic management) system be implemented into existing airspace?
  • Who will oversee such a system?
Track 2 - Fine-tuning the Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

Maximising the potential to use UAVs in oil & gas production

  • What are the new technologies being used in oil and gas exploration?
  • Teaming UAVs with USVs and UMVs
  • Which parts of the production chain are becoming to rely on automated vehicles?
  • How will the industry come to rely further on UAVs in the future?

Managing Commercial Airspace


Panel: Managing public and private airspace

  • How will airspace management systems need to adapt to include widely used UAVs?
  • What are the main regulatory barriers?
  • What sort of collaboration needs to happen between public and private organisations?
  • What does the future of airspace management look like?

End of Conference Day 1 - Networking drinks

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