Rob Sanchez | Head of Corporate VDC/BIM
China Construction (South Pacific) Development | Singapore

Rob Sanchez, Head of Corporate VDC/BIM, China Construction (South Pacific) Development

In Summary, Rob has 10-year strong experience in Consulting and Project Implementations, He manage BIM operations for a various organization. Currently he is the corporate head for VDC/BIM operation for China Construction (South Pacific) Devt’ Co., a general contractor based in Singapore & Malaysia. Together with his team of BIM commando’s, they lead technological automation, robotics, IOT’s and advancement to synergize ICT with design & construction norms within the organization.

Since his primary engagement, his goal has always been to modernize and scale the technology landscape and drive forward initiatives to expand the capabilities, systems, and performance across the organization. An experienced Design Architect with extensive experience in the construction management, designing, planning, budgeting, staffing, and on-site supervision of new construction and renovation projects. With years in construction and project management, Rob redefines the construction & design playing field in utilizing VDC/BIM with extensive levels of framework & implementation. 


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