R. Dixon Dirk Speas, Jr. | VP, Operations
Fortem Technologies | United States

R. Dixon Dirk Speas, Jr., VP, Operations, Fortem Technologies

R. Dixon “Dirk” Speas, Jr., is Vice-President Operations for Fortem Technologies.  His responsibilities include manufacturing, customer support, and financial operations.  With the company since its inception in May, 2016, Dirk brings a family legacy of safe air operations; his father, R. Dixon Speas, was a famed 20th century aviation consultant with a specialty in airline safety.  Dirk has previously held officer level positions in international sales, customer support, professional services, manufacturing, and research and development for Aspect Communications, Latitude, Siperian, TuVox, and SS8 Networks.  Earlier in his career, Dirk was responsible for developing the award-winning ROLMPhone factory,  recipient of the first Deming Award visit in the U.S.   He holds BS, MS, and MBA degrees from Stanford University.


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