Maximilian Hauk | Vice President Technical Planning
BMW Brilliance Automotive | China

Maximilian Hauk, Vice President Technical Planning, BMW Brilliance Automotive

Mr Maximilian Hauk, Vice President Technical Planning of BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd., graduated from the Technical University of Munich in Engineering of Production Systems. 

With over 18 years of manufacturing experience at BMW he has been responsible for multiple management positions in engineering, projects and production in Germany, England and right now in China. 2014 he joined BMW Brilliance Automotive as Vice President Technical Planning. In addition he serves the Board of the European Chamber of Commerce in Shenyang.

Being a passionate engineer he strongly fosters the industrial intelligence for manufacturing in the international production network of BMW. He gained experience in the management of complex supply chains by developing the strategies for the BMW powertrain and chassis network. He also led multiple global organizations for the worldwide supply of engines and powertrain components incl. introducing the latest modular engine generations and the first high voltage batteries. He implemented numerous best practices on Lean Production, Digitalism and Sustainability into the modern BMW production system.

Today he is responsible for realizing the Chinese Production System of BBA as part of the growing BMW network which is competing globally. The state-of-the-art technologies as e.g. Assembly and the Painted Body need to follow the customer demand by being highly flexible, scalable, connected and efficient. His team continuously implements Lean Industry 4.0 technologies to transform the Chinese BMW plants to the frontrunners in the fastest growing market of BMW.


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