Harry Evers | Managing Director
I.T.S. Deutschland | Germany

Harry Evers, Managing Director, I.T.S. Deutschland

Mr Harry Evers studied Mechanical Engineering at the Braunschweig University of Technology and specialised in aerospace technology with focus on flight control. He is owner of the engineers' office Evers and managing director of ITS automotive nord GmbH and ITS Deutschland GmbH. 
From 2001 – 2003 he supervised the division Mobile Services for Business Development at IVU Traffic Technologies AG Berlin, from 1997 – 2000 CEO at BLIC-Beratungsgesellschaft für Leit- Informations- und Computertechnik, Berlin – Braunschweig mbH, 1992 – 2000 CEO at OECON Ingenieurgesellschaft Braunschweig.
Harry Evers is experienced in the development of GPS receivers (hard- and software), in the ini-tiation of projects and technical design of hybrid navigation- and positioning systems as well as new technologies of mobility, mobile communication and satellite navigation. He established the three federal initiatives for Telematics, Satellite Navigation / GAUSS and Mobility. He is the CEO of ITS Deutschland and project leader of the project ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg. 


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