Aric Dromi | Executive Advisor for & Chief Futurologist
Volvo Car Group | Sweden

Aric Dromi, Executive Advisor for & Chief Futurologist, Volvo Car Group

Aric Dromi is a speaker, futurologist, digital philosopher and professional troublemaker. He looks into a new way of thinking about how things work. He helps advance philosophical research and related fields through innovation, philosophy and technology. Aric sees an essential part of capturing the future is being able to explain it, make it tangible and, most important, make it relevant. Alongside running his own company, Aric is also Chief Futurologist for Volvo Car Group.

He thinks laterally and is often the first person in a team to see how widely different aspects of a problem or opportunity can play together and form a new concept or reality; in other words a truly innovative thinker. He covers trend activity in the realms of science and technology, economics, politics, demographics and environmental issues.


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