The world is getting more inter-connected and bulk of the new connectivity is via wireless. With infinite demands but finite supply of wireless spectrum, spectrum crunch starts to happen. Whizpace provides communication solutions to harness underutilized spectrum in an opportunistic manner using intelligent technologies to make better utilization of spectrum. We start with opportunistic use of TV spectrum and the technology is termed TV White Space (TVWS), a.k.a. Super Wi-Fi.

Whizpace is a spinoff from Singapore’s national research lab A*STAR. We specialize in TVWS where our wireless solutions could reach very long distance and penetrate through obstacles. With these characteristics, many applications which were previously challenging are now possible. In particular, we are adopting TVWS for connecting the next 3 billion people that are currently unconnected and at the same time addressing the huge opportunities in the Internet -of-Things (IoT) markets.