Veniam’s platform moves terabytes of data between vehicles and the cloud. Today, we offer Mobile Wi-Fi and data solutions to fleets worldwide. Our combined experience in deploying and operating mesh networks of connected vehicles in cities like Porto, Singapore and New York has given us critical insights into how the future full of autonomous vehicles will evolve. With more than 80 patents, Veniam’s platform combines multi-network architectures, smart (and local) data management, and most importantly, low-latency fail-safe vehicle-to-cloud platforms that provide scalable and superior quality of experience. Clearly, a key requirement for mobility-as-a-service providers and their no-longer-driving customers. Veniam enables mesh connected vehicles to be a lot more than machines that carry people and goods from one place to the other: Veniam mesh connected vehicles expand wireless coverage and gather massive amounts of urban data for a myriad of smart city applications.