DewTouch Innovations Pte Ltd


Fleetnetics ( bursts onto the scene to radically revolutionise automotive industry globally. 

We sought to build the best-in-class automotive management platform & productivity services - by reinventing productivity & business process and unite the business and technology-facing sides of the automotive industries. 

Conceived in Singapore 2012 and with over 50,000 R&D hours, Fleetnetics's smart innovation of business processes infuses the 3 distinct verticals: rental, workshops and spare parts companies with the right tools to grow, scale and soar.

Fleetnetics is powered by a team of 15 and based in Singapore. It is trusted by numerous market leaders including Kah Motors, (Honda Dealer), Wearnes (Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover), Tokyo Century Leasing, BMW & Volvo Spare Parts Stockists in Singapore.