IASA Asia Pacific

Association Partner

Formally known as the International Association for Software Architects, IASA Asia Pacific, a non-profit association for all IT architects who tasked to educate and share information around the world on Enterprise Architecture  on how Business and IT can be integrated to capitalise values within the organisation.
Iasa Global is headquartered in beautiful Austin, TX but our reach is global with multiple chapters around the world. Established in 2002, the association is committed to improving the quality of the IT architecture industry by developing and delivering standards, education programs and developing accreditation programs and services that optimize the development of architecture profession.  Iasa membership consists of approximately 80,000 members located in over 50 countries.
As the Digital era is here, building a Digital Enterprise Architecture must be embraced at every level in an organization to the point of an entity-wide cultural shift in order for it to be sustainably effective. And the only way to achieve this is with an experienced Enterprise Architect at the helm of the organizations’ digital transformation.