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TECHX University, Wednesday 6 September 2017



IoT Digital Strategy: What you need to know about getting started with IoT in your business

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Born Connected for IOT



Introduction to AI and next gen technologies

This session will provide an introduction on the key concepts and various disciplines of AI, different approaches to AI , and the practical applications of AI in various industries

Big Data


Advancing Reality Modelling for Infrastructure: From Data to Decisions

The 1 hour workshop will introduce Reality Modelling in terms of the advances it is generating for the Infrastructure and Mapping sectors, and then illustrate a variety of best practice models and use cases to showcase regional and international examples to support infrastructure delivery, operations and maintenance.

Partners & Start-up Showcase


Robots taking over your office-job: fact or fiction?

A World Economic Forum report in January 2016 predicted that technology could make 5 million jobs redundant by 2020. It highlighted that administrative and white-collar office jobs are most at risk from a "fourth industrial revolution.” A category of robots, in the form of software, is entering the white-collar work force and they are getting more pervasive. These white-collar robots can work faster, more accurately, and longer hours than you. Some even have intelligence to make certain types of decisions better than most of us. What can you do to remain relevant in the age of robots? How can we work alongside robots?

Reliable Real-time Wireless Monitoring for Industries


AI for Cybersecurity


How 3D printing benefits the spare parts business?

3D printing has been around from 30 years but it's only now that we start to see production applications growing with an incredible potential, especially to supply spare parts in aftersales by producing them on-demand and locally

How secure are mobile apps?


ROOT (Remote Observation & Operation Technology) - World's first remote and interactive farming platform for urban consumers


Veniam: Connecting vehicles within smart cities


Smart Transport: Data-driven electric mobility sharing network


How Industrial IOT is Transforming Manufacturing.

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TECHX University, Thursday 7 September 2017

Blockchain & IoT University


Blockchain – All hype or the new reality

A view on the realities of emerging tech, innovation and sustained competitiveness

Blockchain - how to leverage it on a wider scale?

  • Current developments and the profound possibilities blockchain ecosystem can bring to society and economy
  • Why connecting all the blockchains and making cryptocurrency spendable anytime anywhere is the final step for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies?
  • What are the factors slowing the adoption of blockchain technology?
  • How to expedite the process of leveraging blockchain technology in different industries on a wider scale?

Partners & Start-up Showcase


TV White Space – Super Wifi : Connecting without Barriers


Addressing security challenges in IoT

Sensor network or IoT has gained its interest in the recent years due to the penetration of Internet and smartphones in remote places. But this also increases the risk of exploitation by malicious users. There are multiple IoT devices which are prone to different kind of attacks allowing a malicious user to take control of it/data and use it for nefarious purposes. In this talk we are going to discuss about different types of attacks that can happen in IoT systems and how to prevent them. We will also cover management issues that is faced by current security deployment in IoT devices.

Development of Autonomous Vehicle Platform with Ultra Fast Charging


Navigating Change in Turbulent Time for Fleet Management


Getting to know Park N Parcel

Launched in January 2017, Park N Parcel aims to create convenience for busy online shoppers who can never find the time to be home to receive their parcels. Bryan articulates how this idea came about and how Park N Parcel can help Singaporeans avoid spending their weekend mornings queuing at the post office to collect their missed parcels.

The only effective defence against smart device hackers


Deploying Deep Learning with Edge Computing

When it comes to deployment of Deep Learning for industrial applications, clients are looking for a secure and reliable option to perform analytics on confidential information. Edge computing is an emerging paradigm which uses local computing to enable analytics at the source of your data. With the full ability to operate without the need for internet connectivity, the jump from outsourcing dedicated servers on the cloud to owning your own edge computing device by SmartCow, puts AI on the edge at an affordable price.

Empowering data driven organizations with visitor analytics.


An IoT (Internet of Things) Paradise, A World Filled With Smart Devices


Defining the Future of Businesses with ‘O2O Technology’


How VR and AR can improve safety, training and productivity in the workplace

Everyone knows we learn best while doing. Hence, using Virtual Reality (VR) is currently one of the most effective media to deliver more impactful workforce training, especially in the areas of safety training where replicating or reconstructing a safety scenarios is practically and logistically impossible. Hence, in this short talk, I will share how some large organisations are leveraging VR and also AR to enhance training efficiencies and productivity in the workplace

The role of chatbot technology in the hospitality industry


Intelligent IoT Access Control for Stationary & Moveable Assets

Out of the 1B restricted Stationary & Moveable Assets managed by Enterprise/Government customers WW, only ~2% (2M), typically the busiest commercial/governmental/residential assets, are secured with an Access Control Systems (ACS) using RFID/biometrics, while ~98% (980M) are still secured using a 3000-year-old technology – mechanical locks. Reasons for the low ACS adoption are high cost ($5K per asset) and reliance on power, connectivity and physical installations. While mechanical locks cost less, they offer minimal security and suffer from high CAPEX.
XRVision’s OWL is the world first SaaS-based, always-connected & highly secured (up to 4FA) IoT Access Control Solution offering real-time monitoring & workflow automation for customers managing large number of stationary assets (buildings, rooms, equipment etc.) and movable assets (trucks, containers etc.). The product is supported by MHA, HDB and IMDA and is currently deployed at assets ranging from HDB Roof-Tops in Singapore to Manufacturing Facilities in Japan.
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