EGS (Asia) Ltd

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EGS is a leading international group of companies with offices in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. EGS provides global specialist multi-disciplinary marine survey support, and delivers solutions to the Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Energy & Renewables and Marine Infrastructure market sectors. First established in the UK and shortly after in Hong Kong in 1974, EGS remains an independent company, which over the last 45 years has grown into an international network of services hubs and centres of excellence. EGS also has strategic alliances with partner companies in various countries, enabling us to carry out marine surveys and studies worldwide. EGS has gained a reputation for professional excellence in the geophysics and survey sectors, being well known for our ability to find imaginative solutions to problems. Being proactive, EGS make sure that the service we provide is always tailored to satisfying our client's needs. This explains why our onboard near real-time reports are being hailed as setting the benchmark in our field. EGS also have active research and development facilities for developing unique survey systems and software, an invaluable resource that continually upgrades our capability and assures our future. We established EGS Marine Ltd. in 2007 to effectively manage, crew and service our ever expanding fleet of EGS Group vessels around the globe. EGS is an equal opportunity employment company that is proactive in employing a diverse spectrum of people from various professions and different cultures. EGS' large, multinational professional pool of staff offer a diverse, experienced world-class service, tailor-made to finding global solutions. What really distinguishes EGS is the calibre of its people, which allows EGS to create an environment where innovation and professionalism flourish through teamwork.