David Ainsworth, CEO, Kite Power Systems

David Ainsworth | CEO | Kite Power Systems » speaking at SPARK

Ammar Alali, Co-Founder, Eden GeoTech

Ammar Alali | Co-Founder | Eden GeoTech » speaking at SPARK

Haitham Almallah, Head Of Gis Department, Jordan Electric Power Co

Haitham Almallah | Head Of Gis Department | Jordan Electric Power Co » speaking at SPARK

Greg Archer, Uk Director, Transport and Environment

Greg Archer | Uk Director | Transport and Environment » speaking at SPARK

Rasmus Armas, Head of Asset Management, Elektrilevi OÜ

Rasmus Armas | Head of Asset Management | Elektrilevi OÜ » speaking at SPARK

Peter Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer, Mixergy

Peter Armstrong | Chief Executive Officer | Mixergy » speaking at SPARK

Omer Bar-Yohay, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Eviation

Omer Bar-Yohay | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Eviation » speaking at SPARK

Wayne Bexton, Head Of Energy Services, Nottingham City Council

Wayne Bexton | Head Of Energy Services | Nottingham City Council » speaking at SPARK

Christoph Birkl, Chief Executive Officer, Brill Power

Christoph Birkl | Chief Executive Officer | Brill Power » speaking at SPARK

Kingsmill Bond, Carbon Tracker

Kingsmill Bond |  | Carbon Tracker » speaking at SPARK

Alexander Bormann, Chief Executive Officer, Enerkite

Alexander Bormann | Chief Executive Officer | Enerkite » speaking at SPARK

Toon Bouten, Chief Executive Officer, Tado

Toon Bouten | Chief Executive Officer | Tado » speaking at SPARK

Caroline Bragg, Senior Policy Manager, The Association for Decentralised Energy

Caroline Bragg | Senior Policy Manager | The Association for Decentralised Energy » speaking at SPARK

Martyn Briggs, Vice President - Automotive Research, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Martyn Briggs | Vice President - Automotive Research | Bank of America Merrill Lynch » speaking at SPARK

Christopher Burghardt, Managing Director Europe, ChargePoint Inc

Christopher Burghardt | Managing Director Europe | ChargePoint Inc » speaking at SPARK

Ian Cameron, Head Of Innovation, UK Power Networks

Ian Cameron | Head Of Innovation | UK Power Networks » speaking at SPARK

Javier Cavada Camino, Chief Executive Officer And President, Highview Power

Javier Cavada Camino | Chief Executive Officer And President | Highview Power » speaking at SPARK

Douglas Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, Solid Power

Douglas Campbell | Chief Executive Officer | Solid Power » speaking at SPARK

Douglas Campbell, Head of Greensync Europe, GreenSync

Douglas Campbell | Head of Greensync Europe | GreenSync » speaking at SPARK

Joel Cardinal, Energy Manager, University Of Warwick Science Park Ltd

Joel Cardinal | Energy Manager | University Of Warwick Science Park Ltd » speaking at SPARK

Antonio Carillo, Head of Climate and Energy, LafargeHolcim Ltd

Antonio Carillo | Head of Climate and Energy | LafargeHolcim Ltd » speaking at SPARK

Alicia Carrasco, CEO, Olivo Energy

Alicia Carrasco | CEO | Olivo Energy » speaking at SPARK

Devrim Celal, Chief Executive Officer, Upside Energy

Devrim Celal | Chief Executive Officer | Upside Energy » speaking at SPARK

Sukla Chandra, Managing Director Global, GE Licensing and Technology Ventures

Sukla Chandra | Managing Director Global | GE Licensing and Technology Ventures » speaking at SPARK

Mark Chapman, CEO, Carbon Statement

Mark Chapman | CEO | Carbon Statement » speaking at SPARK

Ernesto Ciorra, Director of Innovation and Sustainability, Enel

Ernesto Ciorra | Director of Innovation and Sustainability | Enel » speaking at SPARK

Joan Collell, COO, Flexidao

Joan Collell | COO | Flexidao » speaking at SPARK

Brent Constantz, CEO, Blue Planet

Brent Constantz | CEO | Blue Planet » speaking at SPARK

Graeme Cooper, Project Electric Vehicles Director, National Grid

Graeme Cooper | Project Electric Vehicles Director | National Grid » speaking at SPARK

Carsten Corino, Founder, SunOyster Systems

Carsten Corino | Founder | SunOyster Systems » speaking at SPARK

Michael Cottrell, Strategy & Finance Director, Octopus Energy

Michael Cottrell | Strategy & Finance Director | Octopus Energy » speaking at SPARK

Chris Cox, Head Of Energy Systems And Infrastructure, Cenex

Chris Cox | Head Of Energy Systems And Infrastructure | Cenex » speaking at SPARK

Kathryn Dapre, Head Of Energy And Sustainability, NHS National Services Scotland

Kathryn Dapre | Head Of Energy And Sustainability | NHS National Services Scotland » speaking at SPARK

Brian Davis, Vice President, Energy Solutions, Shell Oil

Brian Davis | Vice President, Energy Solutions | Shell Oil » speaking at SPARK

Tariq Dawood, Senior Engineer Asset Integrity Management for Nuclear & Offshore Wind, EDF Energy PLC

Tariq Dawood | Senior Engineer Asset Integrity Management for Nuclear & Offshore Wind | EDF Energy PLC » speaking at SPARK

Jurjen De Jong, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, GreenFlux

Jurjen De Jong | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | GreenFlux » speaking at SPARK

Emmanuel De La Ville, General Manager, Ethifinance

Emmanuel De La Ville | General Manager | Ethifinance » speaking at SPARK

Justo de Rufino, Partner, Motordisc

Justo de Rufino | Partner | Motordisc » speaking at SPARK

Jim Donaldson, Director, Innovation, Hitachi

Jim Donaldson | Director, Innovation | Hitachi » speaking at SPARK

Avishai Drori, CEO and Founder, SolAround

Avishai Drori | CEO and Founder | SolAround » speaking at SPARK

Andrew Eastlake, Managing Director, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

Andrew Eastlake | Managing Director | Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership » speaking at SPARK

Philippa Eddie, Commercial Finance Specialist, Project and Structured Finance Group, Infrastructure and Projects Authority (HM Treasury and Cabinet Office)

Philippa Eddie | Commercial Finance Specialist, Project and Structured Finance Group | Infrastructure and Projects Authority (HM Treasury and Cabinet Office) » speaking at SPARK

Hans Ek, Head of ESG Team, Investment Management, S.E.B.

Hans Ek | Head of ESG Team, Investment Management | S.E.B. » speaking at SPARK

Kayla Ente, CEO, BHESCo

Kayla Ente | CEO | BHESCo » speaking at SPARK

Michael Evans, CEO, Cambridge Carbon Capture

Michael Evans | CEO | Cambridge Carbon Capture » speaking at SPARK

Antonio Fajardo, CEO, Evoltify

Antonio Fajardo | CEO | Evoltify » speaking at SPARK

Dick Fens, Chief Executive Officer, Simaxx

Dick Fens | Chief Executive Officer | Simaxx » speaking at SPARK

Jim Fiorentino, VP Operations and Smart Buildings, Vaas Energy

Jim Fiorentino | VP Operations and Smart Buildings | Vaas Energy » speaking at SPARK

Tristan Fischer, CEO, C-Capture

Tristan Fischer | CEO | C-Capture » speaking at SPARK

Roei Ganzarski, Chief Executive Officer, MagniX

Roei Ganzarski | Chief Executive Officer | MagniX » speaking at SPARK

Ernesto Garnier, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Einhundert Energie

Ernesto Garnier | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | Einhundert Energie » speaking at SPARK

Ipek Genscu, Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute

Ipek Genscu | Research Fellow | Overseas Development Institute » speaking at SPARK

Stefano Grassi, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Gilytics

Stefano Grassi | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Gilytics » speaking at SPARK

Noam Gressel, Co-Founder & CEO, Eco-OS

Noam Gressel | Co-Founder & CEO | Eco-OS » speaking at SPARK

Stirling Habbitts, Sector Lead Project Finance London, Triodos Bank NV

Stirling Habbitts | Sector Lead Project Finance London | Triodos Bank NV » speaking at SPARK

Thorsten Heller, Chief Executive Officer, Greenbird Integration Technology As

Thorsten Heller | Chief Executive Officer | Greenbird Integration Technology As » speaking at SPARK

Samuel Hess, CEO, Unisieve

Samuel Hess | CEO | Unisieve » speaking at SPARK

Lizzie Hieron, Managing Director of SE Supply, Social Energy

Lizzie Hieron | Managing Director of SE Supply | Social Energy » speaking at SPARK

Charlotta Holmquist, Executive Chairman And Co-Founder, BLIXT

Charlotta Holmquist | Executive Chairman And Co-Founder | BLIXT » speaking at SPARK

Fiona Howarth, Chief Executive Officer, Octopus Electric Vehicles

Fiona Howarth | Chief Executive Officer | Octopus Electric Vehicles » speaking at SPARK

Joanna Hubbard, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Electron

Joanna Hubbard | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Electron » speaking at SPARK

Alexander Ip, Director, Research And Partnerships, University of Toronto

Alexander Ip | Director, Research And Partnerships | University of Toronto » speaking at SPARK

Charlie Jardine, Chief Executive Officer, EO Charging

Charlie Jardine | Chief Executive Officer | EO Charging » speaking at SPARK

James Johnston, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Piclo

James Johnston | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | Piclo » speaking at SPARK

Paul Jordan, Business Leader, Innovator Support, Energy Systems Catapult

Paul Jordan | Business Leader, Innovator Support | Energy Systems Catapult » speaking at SPARK

Poppy Kalesi, Environmental Defense Fund

Poppy Kalesi |  | Environmental Defense Fund » speaking at SPARK

Matthias Karger, Co-Founder, Node.energy

Matthias Karger | Co-Founder | Node.energy » speaking at SPARK

Amjad Karim, Director and Head of AI, Keen AI

Amjad Karim | Director and Head of AI | Keen AI » speaking at SPARK

Alex Kaziglis, Principal, Vivid Economics

Alex Kaziglis | Principal | Vivid Economics » speaking at SPARK

Susan Kim-Chomicka, CEO & Co-Founder, Handrek Technologies

Susan Kim-Chomicka | CEO & Co-Founder | Handrek Technologies » speaking at SPARK

James Kong, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Alp Technologies

James Kong | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | Alp Technologies » speaking at SPARK

Richard Kooloos, Director Sustainable Banking, ABN AMRO Bank

Richard Kooloos | Director Sustainable Banking | ABN AMRO Bank » speaking at SPARK

Simon Koopmann, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Envelio

Simon Koopmann | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Envelio » speaking at SPARK

Pranay Krishen, CEO, Linc

Pranay Krishen | CEO | Linc » speaking at SPARK

Mariusz Krupa, R&D Competence Centre, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne

Mariusz Krupa | R&D Competence Centre | Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne » speaking at SPARK

Jim Laidlaw, Founder, Boxergy

Jim Laidlaw | Founder | Boxergy » speaking at SPARK

Olivier Le Lann, Chief Executive Officer, Electric Visionary Aircrafts

Olivier Le Lann | Chief Executive Officer | Electric Visionary Aircrafts » speaking at SPARK

Mark Lewis, Global Head of Sustainability Research, Bnp Paribas Asset Management

Mark Lewis | Global Head of Sustainability Research | Bnp Paribas Asset Management » speaking at SPARK

Matt Lipson, Head Of Consumer Insight, Energy Systems Catapult

Matt Lipson | Head Of Consumer Insight | Energy Systems Catapult » speaking at SPARK

Blanca Losada Martin, President, Fortia Energy

Blanca Losada Martin | President | Fortia Energy » speaking at SPARK

Artur Lowen, CEO, Gridhound

Artur Lowen | CEO | Gridhound » speaking at SPARK

Rolf Luchsinger, Chief Executive Officer And Managing Director, TwingTec

Rolf Luchsinger | Chief Executive Officer And Managing Director | TwingTec » speaking at SPARK

Jane Lucy, Founder And Chief Strategy Officer, Labrador

Jane Lucy | Founder And Chief Strategy Officer | Labrador » speaking at SPARK

Hakan Ludvigson, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Eliq

Hakan Ludvigson | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | Eliq » speaking at SPARK

Mehrdad Mahoutian, Co-Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Carbicrete

Mehrdad Mahoutian | Co-Founder And Chief Technology Officer | Carbicrete » speaking at SPARK

Stephan Marty, General Manager Energy Storage & International Demand Response, Kiwi Power

Stephan Marty | General Manager Energy Storage & International Demand Response | Kiwi Power » speaking at SPARK

Denise Massey, Managing Director, Energy Innovation Center

Denise Massey | Managing Director | Energy Innovation Center » speaking at SPARK

Jan Mazurek, Carbon Dioxide Removal Fund Director, Climate Works Foundation

Jan Mazurek | Carbon Dioxide Removal Fund Director | Climate Works Foundation » speaking at SPARK

Scott Mcgregor, ceo, redT energy

Scott Mcgregor | ceo | redT energy » speaking at SPARK

Jim Mcomish, Head Of Distribution Networks, SP Energy

Jim Mcomish | Head Of Distribution Networks | SP Energy » speaking at SPARK

Sarah Merrick, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Ripple Engergy

Sarah Merrick | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | Ripple Engergy » speaking at SPARK

Frank Meyer, Senior Vice President Global Segment B2C Solutions & E-Mobility, E.ON

Frank Meyer | Senior Vice President Global Segment B2C Solutions & E-Mobility | E.ON » speaking at SPARK

Fraser Millar, Head of Transformation & M&S Energy, M&S Energy

Fraser Millar | Head of Transformation & M&S Energy | M&S Energy » speaking at SPARK

Tommaso Morbiato, CEO, R&D Head, Founder, Windcity

Tommaso Morbiato | CEO, R&D Head, Founder | Windcity » speaking at SPARK

Erica Niemi, Head Of Asset Management Strategy And Support, Svenska Kraftnät

Erica Niemi | Head Of Asset Management Strategy And Support | Svenska Kraftnät » speaking at SPARK

Jim Nigg, Founder & CEO, Constructis Energy

Jim Nigg | Founder & CEO | Constructis Energy » speaking at SPARK

Siegfried Numberger, Founder And Managing Director, Preisenergie

Siegfried Numberger | Founder And Managing Director | Preisenergie » speaking at SPARK

Kaspars Osis, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, RCG Lighthouse

Kaspars Osis | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | RCG Lighthouse » speaking at SPARK

Charlotte Owen, Policy Officer, The Association for Decentralised Energy

Charlotte Owen | Policy Officer | The Association for Decentralised Energy » speaking at SPARK

Michael Perlberger, Brainwhere

Michael Perlberger |  | Brainwhere » speaking at SPARK

Yannis Perrakis, Technology Principal, Digital Innovation, BP Plc

Yannis Perrakis | Technology Principal, Digital Innovation | BP Plc » speaking at SPARK

Alberto Piglia, Head Of E-Mobility, Enel

Alberto Piglia | Head Of E-Mobility | Enel » speaking at SPARK

Christoph Pilscheur, CEO, Soraytec

Christoph Pilscheur | CEO | Soraytec » speaking at SPARK

Dima Prisikar, Xigrid

Dima Prisikar |  | Xigrid » speaking at SPARK

Chris Pritchett, Head of Energy, Foot Anstey LLP

Chris Pritchett | Head of Energy | Foot Anstey LLP » speaking at SPARK

Nigel Pugh, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Imont Technologies

Nigel Pugh | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Imont Technologies » speaking at SPARK

Jiri Rasanen, Chief Executive Officer, Parking Energy

Jiri Rasanen | Chief Executive Officer | Parking Energy » speaking at SPARK

Anthony Raymond, General Counsel and Director of Legal Services, The Pensions Regulator

Anthony Raymond | General Counsel and Director of Legal Services | The Pensions Regulator » speaking at SPARK

Massimo Resta, Partner, Zouk Capital

Massimo Resta | Partner | Zouk Capital » speaking at SPARK

Ted Ridgway Watt, CEO, Teraloop

Ted Ridgway Watt | CEO | Teraloop » speaking at SPARK

Friedrich Rojahn, Co-Founder And Managing Director, Solandeo

Friedrich Rojahn | Co-Founder And Managing Director | Solandeo » speaking at SPARK

Bruno Rudnik, Managing Director, Sustech

Bruno Rudnik | Managing Director | Sustech » speaking at SPARK

Marcela Ruiz de Chávez Vélez, Energy Outlook Team, International Energy Agency - I.E.A.

Marcela Ruiz de Chávez Vélez | Energy Outlook Team | International Energy Agency - I.E.A. » speaking at SPARK

Kimmo Ruotoistenmaki, Chief Executive Officer, Cozify

Kimmo Ruotoistenmaki | Chief Executive Officer | Cozify » speaking at SPARK

Chris Russell, Managing Director, TONIK

Chris Russell | Managing Director | TONIK » speaking at SPARK

Gaurav Sant, Professor, Civil And Environmental Engineering, UCLA

Gaurav Sant | Professor, Civil And Environmental Engineering | UCLA » speaking at SPARK

Mark Simmons, OHL Condition Monitoring Team Leader, National Grid

Mark Simmons | OHL Condition Monitoring Team Leader | National Grid » speaking at SPARK

Chris Skilton, CEO, Deciwatt and Firetail

Chris Skilton | CEO | Deciwatt and Firetail » speaking at SPARK

Nikolaus Starzacher, Managing Director, Discovergy

Nikolaus Starzacher | Managing Director | Discovergy » speaking at SPARK

James Sterling, Communications, Engagement and Partnerships Manager, Bristol City Council

James Sterling | Communications, Engagement and Partnerships Manager | Bristol City Council » speaking at SPARK

Peter Styring, Professor Chemical Engineering And Chemistry, Sheffield University

Peter Styring | Professor Chemical Engineering And Chemistry | Sheffield University » speaking at SPARK

Johan Svensson, Head of Next Generation Smart Metering Program, Ellevio

Johan Svensson | Head of Next Generation Smart Metering Program | Ellevio » speaking at SPARK

Julien Tchernia, President, Ekwateur

Julien Tchernia | President | Ekwateur » speaking at SPARK

Aaron Thomas, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Trailar

Aaron Thomas | Co-Founder & Managing Director | Trailar » speaking at SPARK

Andreas Thorsheim, Founder, Otovo

Andreas Thorsheim | Founder | Otovo » speaking at SPARK

Joao Torres, Chief Executive Officer, EDP Distribuicao Energia SA

Joao Torres | Chief Executive Officer | EDP Distribuicao Energia SA » speaking at SPARK

Nam Truong, m-Bee

Nam Truong |  | m-Bee » speaking at SPARK

Andreas Ulbig, Co-Founder And Chief-Operation-Officer, Adaptricity

Andreas Ulbig | Co-Founder And Chief-Operation-Officer | Adaptricity » speaking at SPARK

Simon Ulden, CEO & Founder, Switchr

Simon Ulden | CEO & Founder | Switchr » speaking at SPARK

Sachin Vankalas, Head of Operations and Sustainability, The Luxembourg Fund Labelling Agency

Sachin Vankalas | Head of Operations and Sustainability | The Luxembourg Fund Labelling Agency » speaking at SPARK

Luuk Veeken, CEO, Dexter Energy Services

Luuk Veeken | CEO | Dexter Energy Services » speaking at SPARK

Kristof Vereenooghe, Chief Executive Officer, EVBox

Kristof Vereenooghe | Chief Executive Officer | EVBox » speaking at SPARK

Maria Wardrobe, Director of Communications, National Energy Action

Maria Wardrobe | Director of Communications | National Energy Action » speaking at SPARK

Hamish Watson, Chief Executive Officer, Polysolar

Hamish Watson | Chief Executive Officer | Polysolar » speaking at SPARK

Molly Webb, Founder & CEO, Energy Unlocked

Molly Webb | Founder & CEO | Energy Unlocked » speaking at SPARK

Mark Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, ILI Group Plc

Mark Wilson | Chief Executive Officer | ILI Group Plc » speaking at SPARK

Anthony Woolf, Director, Generation Investment Management

Anthony Woolf | Director | Generation Investment Management » speaking at SPARK

Jeremy Woolley, Head of Utility Projects, GenGame Ltd

Jeremy Woolley | Head of Utility Projects | GenGame Ltd » speaking at SPARK

Jan Wurzbacher, Founder, Director And Board Member, Climeworks

Jan Wurzbacher | Founder, Director And Board Member | Climeworks » speaking at SPARK

Jurre Yntema, Owner, Ekolektro

Jurre Yntema | Owner | Ekolektro » speaking at SPARK

Sytse Zuidema, Chief Executive Officer, NewMotion

Sytse Zuidema | Chief Executive Officer | NewMotion » speaking at SPARK