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Rana Adib, Executive Secretary, R.E.N.21

Rana Adib | Executive Secretary | R.E.N.21 » speaking at SPARK

Mostafa Agamy, COO, Energicle

Mostafa Agamy | COO | Energicle » speaking at SPARK

Robbie Aherne, Head of Future Networks, Eirgrid

Robbie Aherne | Head of Future Networks | Eirgrid » speaking at SPARK

Roberto Baldizon, Founder, Luszol Liability Company

Roberto Baldizon | Founder | Luszol Liability Company » speaking at SPARK

Miranda Barker, CEO, Chamber of Commerce East Lancashire

Miranda Barker | CEO | Chamber of Commerce East Lancashire » speaking at SPARK

Miriam Barnhart, Brand Manager and Sustainability Lead, POHA House

Miriam Barnhart | Brand Manager and Sustainability Lead | POHA House » speaking at SPARK

Jack Barratt, ULEV Grant Project Officer, Nottingham City Council

Jack Barratt | ULEV Grant Project Officer | Nottingham City Council » speaking at SPARK

Jens Bartenschlager, CEO, Fidectus

Jens Bartenschlager | CEO | Fidectus » speaking at SPARK

Nicolette Bartlett, Chief Impact Officer, Carbon Disclosure Project

Nicolette Bartlett | Chief Impact Officer | Carbon Disclosure Project » speaking at SPARK

Jamie Bartley, CEO, Unyte Capital Ltd

Jamie Bartley | CEO | Unyte Capital Ltd » speaking at SPARK

Elizabeth Baxter, Director of Project Finance, Sonnedix

Elizabeth Baxter | Director of Project Finance | Sonnedix » speaking at SPARK

Bean Beanland, Director for Growth & External Affairs, Heat Pump Federation

Bean Beanland | Director for Growth & External Affairs | Heat Pump Federation » speaking at SPARK

Jonathan Bibas, CTO, ELLIS-CAR

Jonathan Bibas | CTO | ELLIS-CAR » speaking at SPARK

Glenn Bijvoets, Innovation Leader, ENECO

Glenn Bijvoets | Innovation Leader | ENECO » speaking at SPARK

Moshiel Biton, CEO, Addionics

Moshiel Biton | CEO | Addionics » speaking at SPARK

Katie Black, Head, Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV)

Katie Black | Head | Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) » speaking at SPARK

Eelco Boers, Founder, SmartDodos

Eelco Boers | Founder | SmartDodos » speaking at SPARK

Carlo Brancucci, CEO, encoord Inc.

Carlo Brancucci | CEO | encoord Inc. » speaking at SPARK

Randolph Brazier, Director of Innovation and Electricity Systems, ENA

Randolph Brazier | Director of Innovation and Electricity Systems | ENA » speaking at SPARK

Antonio Carrillo, Head Of Climate And Energy, Holcim

Antonio Carrillo | Head Of Climate And Energy | Holcim » speaking at SPARK

Amrit Chandan, Chief Executive Officer, Aceleron

Amrit Chandan | Chief Executive Officer | Aceleron » speaking at SPARK

Sukky Choongh, Environmental Manager (Air Quality and Ultra Low Emission Vehicles), The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd

Sukky Choongh | Environmental Manager (Air Quality and Ultra Low Emission Vehicles) | The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd » speaking at SPARK

Hannah Clapham, Head of Electricity Storage, BEIS

Hannah Clapham | Head of Electricity Storage | BEIS » speaking at SPARK

Darren Connolly, Senior Multi Site Facilities Manager, Greystar

Darren Connolly | Senior Multi Site Facilities Manager | Greystar » speaking at SPARK

Sarah Daly, Associate Director Sustainability, Turner & Townsend

Sarah Daly | Associate Director Sustainability | Turner & Townsend » speaking at SPARK

Jamie Davison, President and CEO, Stash Energy

Jamie Davison | President and CEO | Stash Energy » speaking at SPARK

Matteo Deidda, Sustainability Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

Matteo Deidda | Sustainability Manager | Lloyds Banking Group » speaking at SPARK

Richard Dilks, Chief Executive, CoMoUK

Richard Dilks | Chief Executive | CoMoUK » speaking at SPARK

João Dinis, Head of Division for Accelerating the Urban Transition, EMAC - Empresa Municipal De Ambiente De Cascais E.M.

João Dinis | Head of Division for Accelerating the Urban Transition | EMAC - Empresa Municipal De Ambiente De Cascais E.M. » speaking at SPARK

Dean Drobot, Head of Energy & Utilities, University of Edinburgh

Dean Drobot | Head of Energy & Utilities | University of Edinburgh » speaking at SPARK

Peter Durante, Managing Director, Macquarie

Peter Durante | Managing Director | Macquarie » speaking at SPARK

Charlotte Eddington, Investment Director, Abundance Investment

Charlotte Eddington | Investment Director | Abundance Investment » speaking at SPARK

Kayla Ente, Chief Executive Officer, BHESCo

Kayla Ente | Chief Executive Officer | BHESCo » speaking at SPARK

Charles Esser, Secretary General, Council of European Energy Regulators

Charles Esser | Secretary General | Council of European Energy Regulators » speaking at SPARK

Simon Evans, Director Of Operations Smart Homes, The Larkfleet Group

Simon Evans | Director Of Operations Smart Homes | The Larkfleet Group » speaking at SPARK

Parthena Exizidou, Senior Carbon Manager, British Antarctic Survey

Parthena Exizidou | Senior Carbon Manager | British Antarctic Survey » speaking at SPARK

Paolo Falcioni, Secretary General, APPLiA

Paolo Falcioni | Secretary General | APPLiA » speaking at SPARK

Kathrine Fjendbo Jørgensen, Chief Consultant, Centre for Regional Development, The Capital Region of Denmark

Kathrine Fjendbo Jørgensen | Chief Consultant, Centre for Regional Development | The Capital Region of Denmark » speaking at SPARK

Thomas Fudge, Chief Executive Officer, WASE

Thomas Fudge | Chief Executive Officer | WASE » speaking at SPARK

Alice Garnier, Operations Lead,

Alice Garnier | Operations Lead | » speaking at SPARK

Jean-Marie Gauthey, Head of European Affairs, G.R.D.F.

Jean-Marie Gauthey | Head of European Affairs | G.R.D.F. » speaking at SPARK

Sonja Gibbs, Managing Director and Head of Sustainable Finance, Global Policy Initiatives, Institute of International Finance

Sonja Gibbs | Managing Director and Head of Sustainable Finance, Global Policy Initiatives | Institute of International Finance » speaking at SPARK

Alexander Gilbert, Senior Energy Strategy Manager, Transport for London

Alexander Gilbert | Senior Energy Strategy Manager | Transport for London » speaking at SPARK

Carmen Gimeno, Chairman, G.E.O.D.E.

Carmen Gimeno | Chairman | G.E.O.D.E. » speaking at SPARK

Parag Gogate, Chief Revenue & Operations Officer, AgeVolt

Parag Gogate | Chief Revenue & Operations Officer | AgeVolt » speaking at SPARK

Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi, CEO, Rebase Energy

Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi | CEO | Rebase Energy » speaking at SPARK

Desiree Hambrook, COO, Spacept

Desiree Hambrook | COO | Spacept » speaking at SPARK

Burim Hashani, Director (Energy), Millennium Foundation Kosovo

Burim Hashani | Director (Energy) | Millennium Foundation Kosovo » speaking at SPARK

Cheryl Hiles, Director, Energy Capital, West Midlands Combined Authority

Cheryl Hiles | Director, Energy Capital | West Midlands Combined Authority » speaking at SPARK

Penelope Hope, Co-Founder, Rebel Energy

Penelope Hope | Co-Founder | Rebel Energy » speaking at SPARK

Signe Horn Rosted, Vice President, Business and Markets, Energinet

Signe Horn Rosted | Vice President, Business and Markets | Energinet » speaking at SPARK

Emma Illingworth, Head of People Transformation, Ovo Energy

Emma Illingworth | Head of People Transformation | Ovo Energy » speaking at SPARK

Albena Inanova, Powerloop Project Manager, Octopus Electric Vehicles

Albena Inanova | Powerloop Project Manager | Octopus Electric Vehicles » speaking at SPARK

Barbara Jinks, Programme Officer - green gases, IRENA

Barbara Jinks | Programme Officer - green gases | IRENA » speaking at SPARK

Neal Kalita, Director of Power & Sustainability, Vantage Data Centers

Neal Kalita | Director of Power & Sustainability | Vantage Data Centers » speaking at SPARK

Vicky Kingston, Strategic Director (Energy), Local Partnerships LLP

Vicky Kingston | Strategic Director (Energy) | Local Partnerships LLP » speaking at SPARK

Kris Kobi, Principal Consultant, Climate17

Kris Kobi | Principal Consultant | Climate17 » speaking at SPARK

Peter Kordt, CEO, Lumenion Gmbh

Peter Kordt | CEO | Lumenion Gmbh » speaking at SPARK

Hans Korteweg, Managing Director, COGEN Europe

Hans Korteweg | Managing Director | COGEN Europe » speaking at SPARK

Julien Lancha, Chief Customer Officer, Advizzo

Julien Lancha | Chief Customer Officer | Advizzo » speaking at SPARK

Birger Lauersen, Chief, Dansk Fjernvarme

Birger Lauersen | Chief | Dansk Fjernvarme » speaking at SPARK

Ina Lehto, Senior Adviser (Electric Networks), Finnish Energy

Ina Lehto | Senior Adviser (Electric Networks) | Finnish Energy » speaking at SPARK

Kate Levick, Associate Director, Sustainable Finance, E3G

Kate Levick | Associate Director, Sustainable Finance | E3G » speaking at SPARK

Xiongwei Liu, Managing Director, Entrust Smart Home Microgrid Ltd

Xiongwei Liu | Managing Director | Entrust Smart Home Microgrid Ltd » speaking at SPARK

Arvid Loken, Senior Advisor, Carbon Reduction Programme, AVINOR

Arvid Loken | Senior Advisor, Carbon Reduction Programme | AVINOR » speaking at SPARK

Pieter Looijestijn, Project Manager for Charging Infrastructure, MRA Elektrisch

Pieter Looijestijn | Project Manager for Charging Infrastructure | MRA Elektrisch » speaking at SPARK

Rolf Luchsinger, CEO, TwingTec

Rolf Luchsinger | CEO | TwingTec » speaking at SPARK

Kim Marquez, Head of Fleet and Logistics, Zipcar UK

Kim Marquez | Head of Fleet and Logistics | Zipcar UK » speaking at SPARK

Mateusz Marzec, Founder, CSO, ReliaSol

Mateusz Marzec | Founder, CSO | ReliaSol » speaking at SPARK

Ronan Meere, Senior Professional Engineer, National Networks, Local Connections Programme, ESB Networks

Ronan Meere | Senior Professional Engineer, National Networks, Local Connections Programme | ESB Networks » speaking at SPARK

Allessandro Meggiatto, Public Transport and Mobility Department Manager, Regione Emilia Romagna

Allessandro Meggiatto | Public Transport and Mobility Department Manager | Regione Emilia Romagna » speaking at SPARK

Ranjit Mene, Ethnicity Champion, Offshore Wind Industry Council

Ranjit Mene | Ethnicity Champion | Offshore Wind Industry Council » speaking at SPARK

Frank Meyer, CEO E.ON Italia, EON

Frank Meyer | CEO E.ON Italia | EON » speaking at SPARK

Tommaso Morbiato, Chief Executive Officer, R&D Head, Founder, Windcity

Tommaso Morbiato | Chief Executive Officer, R&D Head, Founder | Windcity » speaking at SPARK

Paal Mork, Senior Adviser Horizon Europe, Oslo Kommune

Paal Mork | Senior Adviser Horizon Europe | Oslo Kommune » speaking at SPARK

Mikko Muurinen, Head of Data and AI, Helen Ltd

Mikko Muurinen | Head of Data and AI | Helen Ltd » speaking at SPARK

Maarten Noom, Asset Management Managing Director – Systems, Enexis

Maarten Noom | Asset Management Managing Director – Systems | Enexis » speaking at SPARK

Aoife O'Grady, Head of the Climate Action & Communications Division, Department for Transport

Aoife O'Grady | Head of the Climate Action & Communications Division | Department for Transport » speaking at SPARK

Patrick Peter, CEO and Co-Founder, Circonomics

Patrick Peter | CEO and Co-Founder | Circonomics » speaking at SPARK

Patrick Piepers, Head of Asset Data Management, Tennet

Patrick Piepers | Head of Asset Data Management | Tennet » speaking at SPARK

Benedikt Pilscheur, Chief Executive Officer, Soraytec

Benedikt Pilscheur | Chief Executive Officer | Soraytec » speaking at SPARK

Kira Potowski, Director Innovation & Sustainability, Network of German Chambers Worldwide, Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry DIHK e.V.

Kira Potowski | Director Innovation & Sustainability, Network of German Chambers Worldwide | Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry DIHK e.V. » speaking at SPARK

George Prassinos, Chief Executive Officer, OXTO Energy

George Prassinos | Chief Executive Officer | OXTO Energy » speaking at SPARK

Ricardo Prata, Subdirector, Assets And Data Analysis Unit, E-REDES

Ricardo Prata | Subdirector, Assets And Data Analysis Unit | E-REDES » speaking at SPARK

Karthik Rau, Founder & CEO, Stoke Systems, Inc.

Karthik Rau | Founder & CEO | Stoke Systems, Inc. » speaking at SPARK

Joanna Read, Head of Policy and Operations, Heat Trust

Joanna Read | Head of Policy and Operations | Heat Trust » speaking at SPARK

John Robinson, Senior Business Developer, PowerUP

John Robinson | Senior Business Developer | PowerUP » speaking at SPARK

Hector Rodal, Deputy to the Urban Planning Manager, Barcelona city council

Hector Rodal | Deputy to the Urban Planning Manager | Barcelona city council » speaking at SPARK

Micha Roon, Chief Technology Officer, Energy Web Foundation

Micha Roon | Chief Technology Officer | Energy Web Foundation » speaking at SPARK

Jyoti Roy, CEO, GreenEnco Ltd

Jyoti Roy | CEO | GreenEnco Ltd » speaking at SPARK

Samson Sahmland-Bowling, Chief Executive Officer, The Local Electricity Project

Samson Sahmland-Bowling | Chief Executive Officer | The Local Electricity Project » speaking at SPARK

Jaafar Saied, Chief Executive Officer, lightency

Jaafar Saied | Chief Executive Officer | lightency » speaking at SPARK

Dominik Schnarwiler, Co-Founder & COO, Green-Y Energy AG

Dominik Schnarwiler | Co-Founder & COO | Green-Y Energy AG » speaking at SPARK

Valentino Sevino, Planning and Mobility Management Director, Milan Environment & Mobility Agency

Valentino Sevino | Planning and Mobility Management Director | Milan Environment & Mobility Agency » speaking at SPARK

Lucy Shea, CEO, Futerra

Lucy Shea | CEO | Futerra » speaking at SPARK

Annie Shepperd, Chief Executive Officer, Salix Finance Ltd

Annie Shepperd | Chief Executive Officer | Salix Finance Ltd » speaking at SPARK

Matt Shirley, Head of EV Networks, JustPark

Matt Shirley | Head of EV Networks | JustPark » speaking at SPARK

Catharina Sikow - Magny, Director, Internal Energy Market, European Commission

Catharina Sikow - Magny | Director, Internal Energy Market | European Commission » speaking at SPARK

Michael Simpson, CEO, Cheesecake Energy

Michael Simpson | CEO | Cheesecake Energy » speaking at SPARK

Vicky Sins, Lead Decarbonisation and Energy Transformation, World Benchmarking Alliance

Vicky Sins | Lead Decarbonisation and Energy Transformation | World Benchmarking Alliance » speaking at SPARK

Francois Sonnet, SolarCoin

Francois Sonnet |  | SolarCoin » speaking at SPARK

Benjamin Sovacool, Professor of Energy Policy at the Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex Business School

Benjamin Sovacool | Professor of Energy Policy at the Science Policy Research Unit | University of Sussex Business School » speaking at SPARK

Luke Sperrin, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, H2GO Power

Luke Sperrin | Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer | H2GO Power » speaking at SPARK

Phil Steele, Future Technologies Evangelist, Octopus Energy

Phil Steele | Future Technologies Evangelist | Octopus Energy » speaking at SPARK

Colin Steley, CSO, Stratcon

Colin Steley | CSO | Stratcon » speaking at SPARK

Will Swan, Director Energy House Laboratories, University of Salford

Will Swan | Director Energy House Laboratories | University of Salford » speaking at SPARK

Davide Tassi, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, ENAV

Davide Tassi | Head of Corporate Social Responsibility | ENAV » speaking at SPARK

Julien Tchernia, President, Ekwateur

Julien Tchernia | President | Ekwateur » speaking at SPARK

Sebastien Thomas, Commercial Director, Tripshift Ltd.

Sebastien Thomas | Commercial Director | Tripshift Ltd. » speaking at SPARK

Mat Thomson, CEO, Love my EV

Mat Thomson | CEO | Love my EV » speaking at SPARK

Manuel Trigueiros Rafael Ferreira de Lemos, Co-Founder and CMO, Enline Transmission

Manuel Trigueiros Rafael Ferreira de Lemos | Co-Founder and CMO | Enline Transmission » speaking at SPARK

Govinda Upadhyay, CEO, Smart Helio

Govinda Upadhyay | CEO | Smart Helio » speaking at SPARK

Sanne van Breukelen, Project Leader Infrastructure and Zero Emissions, Vervoerregio Amsterdam

Sanne van Breukelen | Project Leader Infrastructure and Zero Emissions | Vervoerregio Amsterdam » speaking at SPARK

Selīna Vancāne, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee of Housing and Environment, Riga City Council

Selīna Vancāne | Deputy Chairperson of the Committee of Housing and Environment | Riga City Council » speaking at SPARK

Prashant Vaze, Head of Policy & Government, Climate Bonds Initiative

Prashant Vaze | Head of Policy & Government | Climate Bonds Initiative » speaking at SPARK

Ursel Velve, Chief Innovation Officer, Ulemiste City

Ursel Velve | Chief Innovation Officer | Ulemiste City » speaking at SPARK

Michael Villa, Executive Director, SmartEn

Michael Villa | Executive Director | SmartEn » speaking at SPARK

Anders Wall, COO & Deputy CEO, GreenMobility

Anders Wall | COO & Deputy CEO | GreenMobility » speaking at SPARK

Sinead Walshe, Director, Aviva Investors

Sinead Walshe | Director | Aviva Investors » speaking at SPARK

David Watson, Head of Energy Transition, Cadent Gas

David Watson | Head of Energy Transition | Cadent Gas » speaking at SPARK

Catrin Williams, Sustainability Manager, Wickes

Catrin Williams | Sustainability Manager | Wickes » speaking at SPARK

Florent Xavier, R&D Program Director, RTE Reseau De Transport D Electricite

Florent Xavier | R&D Program Director | RTE Reseau De Transport D Electricite » speaking at SPARK

Gabriel Yoong, CEO & Co-Founder, Honeycomb Network Ltd

Gabriel Yoong | CEO & Co-Founder | Honeycomb Network Ltd » speaking at SPARK




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