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Rana Adib, Executive Secretary, REN21

Rana Adib | Executive Secretary | REN21 » speaking at SPARK

Roberto Baldizon, Founder, Luszol Liability Company

Roberto Baldizon | Founder | Luszol Liability Company » speaking at SPARK

Nicolette Bartlett, Interim Executive Director, Carbon Disclosure Project

Nicolette Bartlett | Interim Executive Director | Carbon Disclosure Project » speaking at SPARK

Randolph Brazier, Head Of Innovation And Development, ENA

Randolph Brazier | Head Of Innovation And Development | ENA » speaking at SPARK

Sarah Daly, Associate Director Sustainability, Turner & Townsend

Sarah Daly | Associate Director Sustainability | Turner & Townsend » speaking at SPARK

João Dinis, Head of Division for Accelerating the Urban Transition, EMAC - Empresa Municipal De Ambiente De Cascais E.M.

João Dinis | Head of Division for Accelerating the Urban Transition | EMAC - Empresa Municipal De Ambiente De Cascais E.M. » speaking at SPARK

Simon Evans, Director Of Operations Smart Homes, The Larkfleet Group

Simon Evans | Director Of Operations Smart Homes | The Larkfleet Group » speaking at SPARK

Paolo Falcioni, Secretary General, APPLiA

Paolo Falcioni | Secretary General | APPLiA » speaking at SPARK

Jean-Marie Gauthey, Head of European Affairs, G.R.D.F.

Jean-Marie Gauthey | Head of European Affairs | G.R.D.F. » speaking at SPARK

Parag Gogate, Chief Revenue & Operations Officer, AgeVolt

Parag Gogate | Chief Revenue & Operations Officer | AgeVolt » speaking at SPARK

Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi, CEO, Rebase Energy

Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi | CEO | Rebase Energy » speaking at SPARK

Barbara Jinks, Programme Officer - green gases, IRENA

Barbara Jinks | Programme Officer - green gases | IRENA » speaking at SPARK

Birger Lauersen, Chief, Dansk Fjernvarme

Birger Lauersen | Chief | Dansk Fjernvarme » speaking at SPARK

Rolf Luchsinger, CEO, TwingTec

Rolf Luchsinger | CEO | TwingTec » speaking at SPARK

Kim Marquez, Head of Fleet and Logistics, Zipcar UK

Kim Marquez | Head of Fleet and Logistics | Zipcar UK » speaking at SPARK

Mateusz Marzec, Founder, CSO, ReliaSol

Mateusz Marzec | Founder, CSO | ReliaSol » speaking at SPARK

Frank Meyer, CEO E.ON Italia, EON

Frank Meyer | CEO E.ON Italia | EON » speaking at SPARK

Micha Roon, Chief Technology Officer, Energy Web Foundation

Micha Roon | Chief Technology Officer | Energy Web Foundation » speaking at SPARK

Benjamin Sovacool, Professor of Energy Policy at the Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex Business School

Benjamin Sovacool | Professor of Energy Policy at the Science Policy Research Unit | University of Sussex Business School » speaking at SPARK

Will Swan, Director Energy House Laboratories, University of Salford

Will Swan | Director Energy House Laboratories | University of Salford » speaking at SPARK

Sanne van Breukelen, Project Leader Infrastructure and Zero Emissions, Vervoerregio Amsterdam

Sanne van Breukelen | Project Leader Infrastructure and Zero Emissions | Vervoerregio Amsterdam » speaking at SPARK

Selīna Vancāne, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee of Housing and Environment, Riga City Council

Selīna Vancāne | Deputy Chairperson of the Committee of Housing and Environment | Riga City Council » speaking at SPARK

Prashant Vaze, Head of Policy & Government, Climate Bonds Initiative

Prashant Vaze | Head of Policy & Government | Climate Bonds Initiative » speaking at SPARK

Michael Villa, Executive Director, SmartEn

Michael Villa | Executive Director | SmartEn » speaking at SPARK

Anders Wall, COO & Deputy CEO, GreenMobility

Anders Wall | COO & Deputy CEO | GreenMobility » speaking at SPARK



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