Decarbonising Transport


Transport represents a major proportion of global energy use. While uptake of electric vehicles is doubling year on year, much more is needed if we are to transition away from fossil fuels and hit emissions targets. Electrification requires the expansion of charging infrastructure, improved battery and charging technology, and effective strategies from fleet operators for upgrading their existing fleets. Electrification can only go so far however, and harder to abate sectors such as aviation, rail, shipping, and long distance road transport will require alternative fuels such as hydrogen and biomethane.

This track will cover all areas of transport, from public and home charging infrastructure to fleet managers.

Incentivising the proliferation of electric vehicles through financing and policy
The role of shared mobility in decarbonising transport
Innovations in charging and battery technologies
Building, maintaining, and operating charging infrastructure
Electric vehicles for fleet operators
Decarbonising harder to abate sectors: aviation, shipping, long distance transportation
Alternative fuels







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