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London, 14 - 15 September 2021


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Sep 1409:00
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Driving the energy transition forward: turning targets into action

SPARK Virtual Plenary Stream
  • Is European Union climate legislation doing enough to enable the energy transition? How can the EU be a global leader?
  • What do carbon reduction targets mean for consumers?
  • Who’s going to pay for the transition and how can we ensure a just transition?
  • Looking to COP-26: what are the key priorities?
  • Energy and economic recovery: building back green after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Mechthild Wörsdörfer, Director, Sustainability, Technology And Outlooks, IEA
Nick Mabey, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founding Director, E3G
James Watson, General Secretary, Eurogas
Jan Rosenow, Principal and European Programme Director, The Regulatory Assistance Project
Geertje Van Hooijdonk, Director Strategy And Regulation, Stedin Netbeheer
Eva Jensen, Head of Climate Change, Energy, and Transport, European Environment Agency
Dora Petroula, Deputy Director Energy, Climate Action Network
Sep 1410:00
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Buy or build? The case for best of breed software partnerships to assure focus and drive growth

SPARK Virtual Plenary Stream
The panel will discuss why the way for energy retailers to lead is through software partnerships that deliver real value and what to watch out for when selecting vendors. Well also share what makes software partnerships thrive and what might hold back energy retailers going forward.
Jessica Venning-Bryan, Global Vice President Of Client Success, Flux Federation
Hercules Konstantopoulos, Data Director, Flux Federation
Joris van Genechten, Product Director, Gorilla
Peter Wellens, EU Sales Director, Gorilla
Sep 1411:00
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The power of sustainable finance in the shift towards clean energy

SPARK Virtual Plenary Stream
  • How do investment strategies need to shift to future-proof the balance sheet against the climate crisis?
  • Power sector scenarios: how can the energy sector meet the needs of the carbon budget?
  • Carbon pricing to shift investment towards low-carbon alternatives.
  • Setting sustainability KPIs as part of a financial portfolio.
Kate Levick, Associate Director, Sustainable Finance, E3G
Thomas Andre, Operations Director, R.E.N.21
Nicolas Brahy, Co-Founder, General Counsel, Five T Hydrogen
Alice Chapple, Director, Impact Value
Mark Henderson, Chief Investment Officer, Gridserve
Sep 1413:00
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Flexible grid market design

SPARK Virtual Plenary Stream
  • How is the role of the DSO changing?
  • How does regulation of the market need to evolve to enable demand response?
  • Interacting with customers: using tariffs, technology and education to change consumer behaviour
  • Integrating prosumers into the local grid
Caroline Bragg, Senior Policy Manager, The Association for Decentralised Energy
Randolph Brazier, Head Of Innovation And Development, ENA
Stefan Voegel, Head of System Processes, Electricity, E-Control
Alain Taccoen, Head of Stakeholder Relations – European Strategy, EDF
Antonella Battaglini, Renewables Grid Initiative
Sep 1414:00
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Are You Data-Ready for the Future of Energy?

SPARK Virtual Plenary Stream
The unspoken truth: No one really is. But innovation in industrial data management software and practices is enabling power and utility organizations at all levels of digital maturity to embrace change and get caught up.Why does this matter? Data availability and readiness is already shaping the transition and future of energy. In this session, we’ll discuss three areas where industrial data management remains complex - realising smarter asset management, enabling flexible grid operations, and tracking sustainability metrics - and share lessons learned and best practices that improve data readiness and accelerate operational outcomes.
Gabe Prado, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Cognite
Lau Skovgaard, Director, Cognite
Matt Webb, Head of Enterprise Data, UK Power Networks
Anne Van Der Molen, Grid Strategist, Stedin
Sep 1415:00
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Technology for integrating renewable energy

SPARK Virtual Plenary Stream
  • Deploying storage solutions to make the most of variable renewable energy: grid-scale vs in-home storage.
  • The digitalisation of the grid: how can V2G and smart devices enable demand response?
  • AI and Big Data solutions for predicting peaks and troughs in demand.
Michael Villa, Executive Director, SmartEn
Paolo Falcioni, Secretary General, APPLiA
Torsten Knop, Head Of European Regulation, E.ON SE
Joris Soens, Head Of Assets And Grid Architecture, Fluvius
Carmen Gimeno, Chairman, G.E.O.D.E.
Sep 1417:00
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How is digital innovation transforming energy business models?

SPARK Virtual Plenary Stream
  • The role of digital technology in enabling the shift to a cleaner energy system
  • Tools for getting the most out of data: blockchain, AI, and Big Data
  • Energy and the smart home
  • Collaborating, partnering, and investing with start-ups
Ana Casaca, Global Head of Innovation, Galp
Toby Ferenczi, Director of International, OVO Group
Paul Breslow, Innovation Director of R&D, EDF Inc
Tomás Llobet, Managing Director, ESMIG
Jon Wells, Smart Metering Committee Member, O.S.G.P. Alliance
Anne Jalkala, Vice President Of Innovation And Venturing, Fortum

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Sep 1509:00
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Energy and electric vehicles infrastructure

SPARK Virtual Plenary Stream
  • Funding, incentives, and support for the transition to EVs.
  • Can electricity supply meet projected demand for electrified road transport?
  • Installation and maintenance of recharging infrastructure.
  • Fast charging and developments in EV technology: are they necessary for EVs to be fully embraced?
Dag Spilde, Senior Analyst, N.V.E. - Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Market Directorate
Andreas Blin, Manager of International Sales & Business Development,
Sanne van Breukelen, Project Leader Infrastructure and Zero Emissions, Vervoerregio Amsterdam
Lidia León Talavera, Vice Director of Operations Centres, EMT Madrid
Gabriela Barrera, Coordinator Clean Vehicles, Urban Freight, Polis Network
José Fernando Guilherme, Road Safety and Energy Fleet Rationalization, CTT Correios de Portugal, S.A.
Pierpaolo Cazzola, Advisor - Energy, technology and environmental sustainability, International Transport Forum
Sep 1511:00
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Decarbonising energy in buildings

SPARK Virtual Plenary Stream
  • How is policy changing to support the transition to low-carbon heating?
  • The role of heat networks in the energy transition.
  • Meeting the need for better insulated and more energy efficient homes.
  • Electrification versus green gas: is there a silver bullet solution?
Birger Lauersen, Chief, Dansk Fjernvarme
Rui Dinis, Energy and Climate Advisor, Lisboa E-Nova
Selīna Vancāne, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee of Housing and Environment, Riga City Council
Sarah Daly, Associate Director Sustainability, Turner & Townsend
Stefan Moser, European Commission
João Dinis, Head of Division for Accelerating the Urban Transition, EMAC - Empresa Municipal De Ambiente De Cascais E.M.
Emma Ashcroft, Associate Director, Cities and Regions, Carbon Trust
Sep 1513:00
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Green Gas

SPARK Virtual Plenary Stream
  • Biomethane, hydrogen, and ammonia: pros and cons.
  • Applications for green gas: identifying the business case.
  • Greening the gas network – challenges for upgrading legacy assets.
  • Incentivising the transition to green gas.
David Watson, Head of Energy Transition, Cadent Gas
Sigrid Linher, Senior Public Affairs and Sustainability Manager, Federation Of German Industries
Jesse Scharf, Green Gas Certification Scheme
Jean-Marie Gauthey, Head of European Affairs, G.R.D.F.
Jan Ingwersen, General Director, ENTSOG
Sep 1517:00
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Nuclear Power

SPARK Virtual Plenary Stream
  • Integrating nuclear power and renewable energy – how does nuclear fit into the energy mix?
  • How is nuclear technology evolving? What is the next generation of nuclear power?
  • Large scale vs modular nuclear power plants.
  • Public perception, safety, and nuclear waste.
Ashley Finan, Director, National Reactor Innovation Centre, Idaho National Laboratory
Sama Bilbao Y Leon, Director General, World Nuclear Association
Stephane Sarrade, Director of Energy Programs, C.E.A.
Damon Johnstone, Head of Operations - Fusion Technology Business Unit, Culham and South Yorkshire, UK Atomic Energy Authority
Tina Taylor, Senior Director and Deputy Chief Nuclear Officer, Electric Power Research Institute
Diane Cameron, Head of NEA Nuclear Technology Development and Economics Division, O.E.C.D. Nuclear Energy Agency
Sonal Patel, Senior Associate Editor, POWER Magazine
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