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Public Charging Infrastructure


We will examine the key issues around charging infrastructure such as grid integration, interoperability and ensuring equal access across all levels of society. It is for those policy makers, charging point installers, transport and local authorities, grid and network operators and anyone else involved in overcoming the range anxiety that has acted as a barrier to mass adoption of EVs by significantly increasing the available public charging infrastructure.

V2G, eMaaS and other new business models


New e-mobility business models can link three important sectors that have previously operated independently of each other; the auto industry, energy systems and transport infrastructure. These new business models are important as without them, the e-mobility transition may struggle to reach enough citizens to make meaningful contributions to air quality improvements and carbon emissions reductions.

Fleets and Leasing


We will provide a space for commercial and industrial fleet owners to discuss the opportunities and challenges involved in electrifying their fleets.

Land and Retail


We will bring together landowners, retailers and hoteliers to tap into additional revenue streams attached to the carparks they own by investing in EV car park infrastructure. We will also address the challenges around rapid, destination chargers on the grid.

Batteries and Circular Economy


We will dedicate a section of the agenda to advances in EV battery tech and the sales and price trends in EV battery markets. We will also zoom out to focus on the larger sustainability picture and managing the impact of large numbers of lithium-ion batteries for EVs entering the market reaching the end of their life in the coming years. It would be of interest for OEMs, battery and EV manufacturers and the recycling industry.



We will also hear from the OEMs; and find out what they’re doing to accelerate the release of EVs. We will cover the covers the electric vehicle expansion policies and release plans by category of major car manufacturers.


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