Solar Ecologist

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Solar Ecologist is one of the leading UK based private ltd. company with vast experience in Green energy sector and provides best Products, Solutions, Services and Online purchase facility throughout UK.

We are an authorised distributor of GCL System Integration Technology Co.,Ltd.

We have developed a wealth of experience in developing and implementing renewable solutions for the new build, residential, commercial sectors and Mega Watt projects . Our specialist team design and install Grid connect systems with and without battery storage. Off Grid/stand alone systems with and without storage and Solar hot water system

"Solar Ecologist proudly introduce roof fit solar tiles to enhance your properties beauty".

Our extensive range of products include:
- Complete plug and play solar kits
- Solar PV panels
- PV mounting structures
- Battery storage
- Solar charge controller,
- Solar energy monitoring, control and optimizers
- Grid-connect accessories solar cables, wiring and connecters
- Led lights
- DC motor water pump operated by solar PV panels

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