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Lightsource bp is a global leader in solar development, management and operations. For over a decade we’ve been actively working to change the way our world is powered, with sustainable and responsible solar power. Since 2010, and following our 50:50 joint venture with bp, we have been deploying affordable, reliable, large-scale solar to help businesses and communities decarbonise.


Our rapidly growing business is constantly learning, investing and pushing boundaries to help drive the energy transition at pace and scale. We harness and grow talent from all sectors to help accelerate the need for a low-carbon future. Our people and projects are focussed on supporting long-term sustainable growth and strengthening the resilience of the world around us.


Lightsource bp Asset Services

Lightsource bp offers asset services encompassing both asset management and operation and maintenance for solar and storage assets. Lightsource bp’s unique UK business model focuses on maximising value creation and ensuring long-term returns. Safety and integrity are core values integrated into all aspects of Lightsource bp’s operations, emphasizing ethical practices alongside financial gains.

Lightsource bp's approach aims to stabilise operations, enhance value creation, and minimise interface risk for asset owners. Lightsource bp undertake financial, commercial, and technical management activities to ensure that energy generated by each solar PV installation is converted into the appropriate revenue stream. By effectively managing assets, Lightsource bp optimises performance and generates sustainable returns for stakeholders.

Additionally, Lightsource bp provides comprehensive third-party operation and maintenance (O&M) services for solar and storage systems. With an unmatched framework, experience, and resources, Lightsource bp collaborate closely with clients' teams to guarantee optimal asset performance. Lightsource bp sets high service standards, ensuring rapid response times and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, setting the industry benchmark for solar and storage O&M.

Lightsource bp's asset services prioritize both financial success and ethical business practices. By incorporating safety and integrity into Lightsource bp’s operations, they ensure the long-term success of solar and storage assets while contributing to a sustainable energy future.


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