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LCP is a GB based financial consultancy with over 800 staff and partners. LCP’s Energy Analytics team combines in-depth knowledge of the energy sector with modelling expertise developed over many years of close engagement with government and industry to help clients make informed decisions in this dynamic environment and provide them with an independent and unbiased point of view.


Our technology and modelling expertise underpin decision-making crucial for government and industry, including:

  • Providing the UK Government's primary forecasting tool in long term energy policy impact analysis
  • Providing battery storage asset valuations across GB and Ireland, including assessing locational impacts.
  • Providing the LCCC with the renewable and price forecasting models used to support the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme.
  • Providing standalone battery optimisation models to owners of on-site standalone and co-located storage.
  • Supporting traders and analysts with AI-powered intraday forecasts using our real-time data analytics and forecasting tool: LCP Enact
  • Providing asset revenues, profits and strategy analysis through Enact’s Leaderboard across all technologies and markets.
  • Providing solar and wind asset forecasts based on detailed locational modelling, including forecasts for merchant revenues, curtailment volumes and imbalance costs
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