Maria Hernandez | Head of Innovation, UKI
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Maria Hernandez, Head of Innovation, UKI, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Having been with Cisco since 2000, Maria is the Head of Innovation for UK&I. In this capacity, Maria is focusing on accelerating the UK Digital Agenda, progressing co-innovation projects that advance digital adoption such as digital skills, productivity improvements, IoT, smart environments and cybersecurity. Maria is an industry ambassador for Cisco as a thought leader in this space.
She currently leads multiple government co-funded projects in UK, from the deployment of 5G infrastructure in rural areas (5GRF) to testing autonomous vehicles in the center of London (SMLL).
Previously, Maria has been focused on cross-vertical IoT initiatives, in particular Smart cities as well as enabling organisations to become digital with the use of technology. A key aspect of her role was the development of the ecosystem and partner landscape necessary to make IoT happen.
Before turning her focus to the use of ICT within Enterprise and Public Sector organisations, Maria held various positions as Finance Manager within the technology sector in Spain and in UK. Maria holds an MBA as well as an Accountancy and Economics Degree.
Maria is a 2018 TechWomen100 winner awarded by WeareTechWomen.

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