Loic Hares | Founder And Chief Executive Officer
Resilience Energy

Loic Hares, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Resilience Energy

Loic, Resilience Energy’s CEO, has worked in the energy retail industry for the past 10 years. In the past 4 years he has specialised in bringing new innovative suppliers into the market. He believes that these new innovative suppliers will find it difficult to change the future of the energy system as they are shackled by the historic make up of the energy system.  By looking at the energy system in a completely different way, and by using the knowledge he has gained working on the forefront of the energy industry Loic believes that he has solution that will help support the growing electrification of our every day lives. Why carry on giving money to large energy companies who do not want change, when you can generate all the energy you need, and save money while doing so.  

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