Jason Smith | Clean Air Delivery Officer
Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Jason Smith, Clean Air Delivery Officer, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Jason Smith is a Clean Air Delivery Officer within the Early Measures project team at Transport for Greater Manchester. The role of the Early Measures project is to encourage the uptake of Electric Vehicles in Manchester. This is to be delivered by investing in new infrastructure and also encouraging behaviour change ‘myth-busting’ through various public and business initiatives. The role also expands into supporting the GMEV tender process and addressing challenges posed around the current network.

Jason has been involved in the review of the existing electric vehicle charging infrastructure network (GMEV) in GM, imparting wisdom around how the public perceive the network as users and how it can better support business strands. Jason has previously worked as a sustainable transport lead for Manchester Metropolitan University, helping them achieve a conversion of 57% of their fleet to ULEV in just under 3 years. Within that, a 5 vehicle strong (all electric) pool and encouraging behaviour change amongst staff to use it. A self-confessed ‘EV Nut’, Jason has been driving an electric vehicle for almost 5 years so is well versed in the challenges that present themselves in the current market.

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