Jason Fewell | Engineering Director
Wyke Farms

Jason Fewell, Engineering Director, Wyke Farms

With over 25 years of engineering experience coupled with numerous successful high-level project and man management initiatives to his name Jason Fewell has a rare and much sought-after ability to utilize his skills to develop a business on a practical level and achieve bottom line results.  The Wyke Farms 100% Green sustainability project showcases this perfectly for Jason who took ownership of the initiative; Jason managed every element from the conceptual design stage up until and including the commission of the £12 million biogas plant. He was responsible for managing several other projects under the 100% Green initiative, including the company’s £1.5 million Water Recovery Plant project, which enables 70% reuse of Wyke Farms’ factory waste water (saving approximately 91 million litres of water a year), refrigeration temperature control and savings; heat recovery on air compressor stations and upgrading all lighting to LED. His solid experience and expertise, as well as his effective management skills, were put to the test and triumphed, as Wyke Farms became the UK’s first national cheddar brand to be 100% self-sufficient in green energy.

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