Gareth Williams | Managing Director
caplor energy

Gareth Williams, Managing Director, caplor energy

Gareth Williams has a deep rooted and evolving passion for the sustainability agenda.  This has led him to develop from his family farming roots into a diversified rural business that includes a renewable energy business, property rental and farming activity based from Herefordshire.  Three generations of the Williams family have operated from Caplor since 1923.

A wide range of skills and expertise are rooted around his passions and experience based on sound academic input and ongoing personal development.  An agricultural graduate in 1990, ongoing development centred on; leadership, management, counselling, financial, public speaking, environmental, local council, UK and overseas energy and sustainable based consultancy.  Most recently input from the Herford director forum and Goldman Sachs growth programme at Aston University leading to current position of Visiting Fellow. 

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