Emeka Chukwureh | Director, Energy Markets And Strategy, Uk & Ireland
Enel X

Emeka Chukwureh, Director, Energy Markets And Strategy, Uk & Ireland, Enel X

Emeka is a member of the leadership team for Enel X UK & Ireland, where he provides strategic direction in the areas of energy markets, commercial growth strategy, new business lines & product development, energy projects, and regulatory & government affairs.

Through his role at Enel X, Emeka is championing the transition towards a low-carbon energy future, helping accelerate the decarbonisation of the energy system through grid integration of flexible technologies and distributed energy resources such as demand response, electric vehicles, solar PV, battery storage. Emeka is also chair of Demand Response Association of Ireland, where he is driving strategic change to the association, in readiness for the scale transformation of the electricity system via decentralisation.

He has been highly instrumental in the shaping of the electricity market in Ireland to allow greater integration of wind energy, through roles he played while working at SSE Airtricity, but also while serving as a key member on various committees; chair of the Electricity Association of Ireland’s Markets committee, Ireland’s national representation to Eurelectric’s Markets committee, and supplier member on the Ireland electricity market rules change body – the SEM Modifications Committee.

Emeka’s professional experience spans 19 years covering coal, oil and gas production, wind and natural gas electricity production and trading, electricity market economics, policy and regulation, and demand-side flexibility. He has worked for leading global energy companies, including ExxonMobil and SSE Airtricity, in four different

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