Daire Casey | Energy And Data Manager
West Sussex County Council

Daire Casey, Energy And Data Manager, West Sussex County Council

Daire holds key responsibility for the Financial modelling of new projects including CAPEX and borrowing costs, potential revenue streams and operational costs. Daire uses his experience of the energy markets to identify the most appropriate revenue streams and uses these in the development of the financial business case which is then taken through corporate governance.
Daire also identifies market risk associated with potential new assets and specific revenue streams to articulate and put in place mitigation measures that protect the county council’s investment. Part of this role is to ensure that new projects and assets are aligned to the corporate energy strategy and the ‘Two Degrees’ Future Energy Scenario upon which the CC’s energy strategy is based.
On an ongoing basis, Daire manages the CC’s position in the energy market including the trading strategy, brokering and supply agreements, PPA’s and Demand Side Response (DSR) contracts. Daire monitors and reports upon the energy performance of assets to ensure expected Return on Investments are met.
Daire also supports corporate programmes involving EV fleet, the county council’s Your Energy Sussex low cost energy supply offer to residents, support for retrofit programmes in the corporate and school estate.

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