Solrac is a young start-up company with the aim to support developers and investment funds on the new era of the subsidy free in solar. Translating technical risks onto financial impacts, Solrac measures the Capex and the Opex on both assets under construction and operating ones. Solrac covers Design, Quality assurance and Operational aspects of the lifecycle of the projects. We have received very good feedback form the market so far and different parties have expressed interest to collaborate, thanks to our expertise adding value to their operations. Our target markets are the UK, Spain and Italy.

Solrac is differentiating its services investing on different areas of the solar engineering, with a highly scientific contribution. The mobile laboratory to test solar PV panels on site (flash test and electroluminescence) and the fleet of drones for different applications (3D mapping and thermal) are examples of the effort that Solrac is making to reach the excellence on its services and contribution to the scientific community.