Nature and Solar Energy


Lancaster University, Clarkson & Woods and Wychwood Biodiversity have been working together for the past seven years to find sustainable solutions for the deployment of solar farms in the UK through research and practice. We employ a variety of methods to understand the potential effects of solar farm construction and management on the environment, including bespoken ecological field surveys and environmental data collection and analyses. Lately, we have adopted a holistic, whole-systems approach to evaluate natural capital stocks and the delivery of ecosystem services within solar farms to provide land management solutions and standardised monitoring methodologies to facilitate the valuation and management of natural assets. We are continuously developing new ways to disseminate our findings to make them accessible to industry and relevant to policymakers, as well as informative to academic research and science. We work in close partnership with educational consultants and other academic partners to increase the educational value of our applied research. We are constantly looking for partnerships within the UK solar energy industry to further explore and assess the potential to address the climate and ecological emergencies simultaneously through sustainable solar energy deployment.


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