Mixergy offer consumers a novel solution to domestic water heating and energy storage through operating as a “hot water battery”. By only heating what you need, the Mixergy tank is able to save users between 5-20% on hot water bills and deliver usable hot water up to 2x faster. For individuals who have invested in renewable solar technology, the Mixergy tank is able to increase the utilisation of self-generated electricity above that of normal hot water cylinders, whilst costing significantly less than a home battery.

Mixergy hot water tanks are also unique in their ability to offer a Demand Side Response (DSR) and Fast Frequency Response (FFR) service to the National Grid. The fleet can be remotely turned on when ample renewable energy is generated, and consumer electricity demand is low, or turned off when the opposite is true. Our ‘Internet of Tanks’ vision hopes to provide a low-cost and green solution to enable increased renewable power generation and utilisation by partnering with utilities to offer customers dynamic ‘smart tariffs’.