Fronius believe in a future in which 100% of our global energy requirements are covered from renewable sources. In this future, renewable energy will be intelligently and economically generated, stored, distributed and consumed with unprecedented efficiency. Solar energy plays a leading role in the mix of renewables that supply us with energy around the clock. 


The key lies in technologies and solutions that, step by step, allow renewable energy to be generated and stored ever more efficiently, as well as to be distributed and consumed intelligently and cost-effectively. Fronius are working on this, day in day out, to drive the transition towards an energy future with 100% renewables with their technologies and energy solutions.

To achieve this Fronius are continuously developing innovations and services relating to the generation of, storage of and distribution or consumption of renewable energy. Outstanding products and services, such as the highly communicative SnapINverter generation, comprehensive solar monitoring, Technical Support Team and the unique Fronius System Partner programme, make Fronius Solar Electronics the quality leader in the global market. 


Continuing to set new standards worldwide, Fronius is set to bring a host of products to the market in the months ahead including the all new Fronius GEN24 PLUS – the most flexible hybrid storage inverter for both single and three-phase with emergency power features and optimised self-supply. The new Fronius Tauro robust commercial inverter is also new to the market, designed for flexible system design in unprotected outdoor areas, in cluding direct sunlight. Thanks to the different options, like the AC Daisy Chaining, the Fronius Tauro guarantees not only fast installation but also reduces BOS costs significantly. 


In all their developments Fronius focus on long-lasting products, reliable operation, system optimisation and fulfilling future demands.