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Bee Solar Technology Ltd advises on the appropriate available solar related technology to suit your property and your power requirements. We can deliver a package (using products manufactured in England/Finland), that will contain everything you need to start generating renewable energy from the sun, including solar tracking systems, ground screws to attach them, panels, inverters and battery storage. We can also advise on where to site them, distances between multiple systems, and even help with assembly.

A ground mounted solar tracking system consists of a foundation column with frame mounted panels on a drive unit that turn and track the sun from sunrise to sunset using GPS controlled software.  This maximises potential energy production, with an uplift of an average 40% in comparison with a static system that has to wait for the sun to move round into the optimum position.  Every night after dark the system returns to the east, ready to face the sunrise the following day.

Solar PV is a recognised way of lowering your energy bills.  These systems are suitable for self-install, with an electrician to wire up and commission. If you move, simply unbolt and take it with you.  No scaffolding or heavy lifting equipment is required for installation.

The business is based in Gloucestershire.  There are several systems around the UK and plenty more being installed in September and October.

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