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Amberside Energy develop utility-scale solar and energy storage projects from origination to ‘ready to build’ with a grid-led approach. We also support investors through the process of acquiring, managing and disposing of energy generation assets, leveraging the 40+ years combined renewables experience in the senior team to make a positive difference. Our central aim is to help clients optimise their assets and protect their income streams and so we deliver scopes of work tailored to what is most useful to our clients, without unnecessary time and cost. Technical knowledge of electrical engineering and system design underpins all of our key decisions and our advanced knowledge in the application of the industry standards to the management of operational energy projects means we constantly strive to develop long-term efficiency, reliability and safety in all areas of our work. Experience tells us that ‘doing nothing’ is often more costly than employing a competent solution, so once engaged, we’re confident that it won’t take long for you to see why walking the Amberside path is a safe and efficient route to success. So why not get in touch?


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