ChargEV Story


The rapid developments in EV technology and rollout, together with ambitious future national and local government and corporate targets for low and zero emissions, mean that there has never been a more important time for suppliers, installers and operators of the EV charging infrastructure community to meet, showcase products, and evaluate solutions.

ChargEV has been created to bring together the entire value chain to

  • be a marketplace where EV grid infrastructure products are bought and sold, and ideas are exchanged
  • be a place where local authorities, car park operators and others learn how to fund, install and maintain EV charging infrastructure 
  • be a showcase for the charge point infrastructure technology and business models of the future. 
  • help grid and network operators make the partnerships necessary to national rollout at scale of EV grid infrastructure 
  • allow purchasers of charge points to evaluate, benchmark and buy charging point technology 
  • bring charging point installers together so they can form the back-end partnerships that the industry needs to make interoperability a reality 
  • help local authorities engage with the market to plan their roll-out of EV charging points






The show brings together the entire EV value chain from policy makers, local authorities, retailers, hoteliers to charging point installers and OEMs to overcome barriers to implementation of widespread EV charging infrastructure.

It is bolstered by the UK government’s unprecedented investment of £27bn into the strategic road network in the period 2020-25.

The event’s success is built upon bringing together, at scale, the influencers and decision makers across the sector to identify how to deliver the roads infrastructure the country needs, while at the same time, achieving positive outcomes for the economy, society and the environment. We’re also pretty good at creating spaces to network, learn and do business.

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