Al Babtain Metaloglava Solar


Al-Babtain MTG Solar is a joint venture between two prominent companies with over 70 years of combined experience in the design and manufacturing of steel structures. The company is dedicated to providing innovative and competitive solutions in the solar PV steel components business. With a mission to be the leader in the MENA region, Al-Babtain has partnered with Metalogalva to deliver high-quality supply and solutions in the solar steel components industry.

The main focus of Al-Babtain MTG Solar is the design, manufacturing, and supply of solar PV steel components. Additionally, Al-Babtain MTG Solar also manufactures and supplies fixed steel structures and carport solutions to cater to various industries and sectors.

With its robust manufacturing capabilities, commitment to quality, strategic partnerships, continuous innovation, and unrivaled customer service, Al-Babtain MTG Solar aims to exceed customer expectations and become the preferred choice for solar PV steel components in the MENA region.

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