Sujith Chirappethu Mohan | Senior Engineering Manager-Blockchain, Ml, Ai

Sujith Chirappethu Mohan, Senior Engineering Manager-Blockchain, Ml, Ai, Infosys

Sujith is working as SR Engineering Manager handling Blockchain, Machine Learning & AI projects.  
Currently he is working with multiple stakeholders leveraging disparate emerging technologies to develop cross-functional solutions focusing on

  • Enhancing visibility into logistics lifecycle. Upgrading inventory management for better visibility into inventory in-store and in-motion.
  • Achieving better forecasting, reducing empty miles and maximizing utilization by supply chain optimization through AI/ML techniques.
  • Leveraging Blockchain smart contracts in trade, audit and payments, reducing dependency on paper records and eliminating frauds.
  • Improving asset lifecycle management and optimizing container utilization.
Using supply chain control tower to monitor and manage exceptions on a self-learning system while leveraging AI to increase operational efficiencies.


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