Sridhar Iyer | Head Of Marketing And Neo Bank

Sridhar Iyer, Head Of Marketing And Neo Bank, Mashreq

Sridhar held a number of senior positions with Citibank and Lloyds Bank in India and the UK. He first joined Citibank in 1996, where he was responsible for setting up their e-commerce business before becoming the Digital Banking Head for Citibank India in 2003. He has also worked for Citibank in London, where he undertook a variety of senior roles for EMEA before joining the Lloyds Banking Group UK. Subsequently, he re-joined Citibank India as head for Digital Banking and Innovation Council. 
Sridhar has been a consistent champion of digitalization in the banking industry and drove growth in online customer acquisitions in his previous roles. He has extensive experience across the suite of retail banking products and customer-focused innovations in the digital and mobile space.


Seamless ME 2019 day 1 @ 14:00

PANEL: Banking without branches

  • Discovering the new wave of digibanks in the region
  • Innovating internally or partnering with fintechs?
  • Where next? The future of brick and mortar branches
  • Capturing the millennials with digital banks and usable apps
  • Exploring the success stories
last published: 15/Apr/19 13:15 GMT

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