Shafika Houcine | Senior Director Digital Experience

Shafika Houcine, Senior Director Digital Experience, OSN

Shafika Houcine is Head of Digital Experience at OSN and brings strong, data-driven journeys to the forefront of the company’s digitization objectives. Author of “MVNO strategies in Europe”, entrepreneur and journalist, she holds customers at the core of all campaigns and firmly believes in the power of data to guide online and offline experiences. Mother and daughter, she is also passionate about wellbeing and how technology can improve people’s lives. In her spare time, she plays the piano and teaches yoga.


Seamless ME 2019 day 2 @ 14:00

PANEL: Expanding your customer journey strategy

  • Delivering value with mapping to infuse the customer’s point of view into their activities
  • Realigning metrics, analytics, experience design, and innovation around customer journeys
  • Defining your end-goal and building your framework
  • Ranking touchpoints by importance: don’t be overwhelmed by the experiential aspect of marketing
  • Understanding the essentials:a. Removing pain pointsb. Raising the barc. Minimising customer effortd. Accelerating the processe. Driving customer retention
last published: 15/Apr/19 13:15 GMT

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