Rizwan Arain | Chief Information Security Officer
Habib Bank AG Zurich

Rizwan Arain, Chief Information Security Officer, Habib Bank AG Zurich

Rizwan Arain is the Chief Information Security Officer of Habib Bank AG Zurich, a position he has held since 2016. He is an experienced information security (IT Security) strategist and have managed portfolio of mission critical projects related to IT infrastructure InfoSec solutions, product/process research and enterprise-wide training. Rizwan has over 15 years of proven track record of successfully completing highly complex enterprise-wide state-of-the-art IT/Information Security and Governance projects by managing multi-disciplined, multinational, cross-functional teams. Rizwan’s proven strengths and experience include: devising, implementing and managing the organization’s corporate Information security vision, policies and programs, developing, reviewing and re-engineering security strategies, business processes and managing standard operating procedures.
Before Habib Bank AG Zurich, Rizwan held senior positions across the financial services and technology companies. "


Seamless ME 2019 day 1 @ 09:20

CIO PANEL: Refashioning the bank for a challenger ecosystem

  • Countering neobank, challenger bank and digibank competition
  • Launching a digital arm
  • Big client lists, big pockets, big reputations: the incumbent advantage
  • BaaS: is this the future of traditional banks? Are banks doomed to become the backend dumb pipe?
  • Discovering the impact of mid-sizes banks: squashed in the middle?
  • Stripping legacy systems to become more agile and innovative
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