Moiza Saeed | Vice President - Global Growth

Moiza Saeed, Vice President - Global Growth, Zomato

Moiza has always loved puzzles and solving problems. She is addicted to technology and believes that tech is the key to arriving at global solutions to many of the issues that face our world today. She is passionate about using technology to improve the quality of our everyday lives.

She has a truly international background having lived and worked in 5 different continents. She is backed by 9 years of professional experience - which includes finance, strategy, operation management, and entrepreneurship. 

She has worked at Zomato for over 3 years in 3 different markets (Canada, India and UAE). She currently heads Zomato Gold in the UAE for Zomato. 

Moiza has an undergraduate in Economics from the University of Toronto and holds an MBA from INSEAD.


Seamless ME 2019 day 1 @ 15:15

Creating fully integrated and dynamic digital advertising campaigns

  • Building connected and contextual digital adverts with audience targeting
  • Integrating augmented reality to be used as suggestions and FYI-styled messages
  • Aligning brand strategy and agency solutions at every stage of the journey
  • Ensuring your multi-channel messaging strategy is up to scratch
  • Upping your cross-channel game to net more customers and more revenue
  • Is ad blocking an immovable object?
  • Messenger ads: case study
last published: 15/Apr/19 13:15 GMT

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