Furqan Athar | Managing Director
Spret Retail

Furqan Athar, Managing Director, Spret Retail

Furqan’s expertise in shopping centre investment, underwriting, and operational finance is well-known across the region. He has extensive experience in all aspects of the shopping centre industry, most specifically in investment management and value creation.
In previous management positions with Majid Al Futtaim Shopping Centres and Al Futtaim Group Real Estate, he has been instrumental in the financial and strategic planning of some of the Middle East and Asia’s most successful shopping centers and mixed-use developments.


Seamless ME 2019 day 1 @ 15:30

PANEL: Merchandising 3.0: taking advantage of analytics tools

  • Measuring the profit impact of promotions
  • Aligning product availability with marketing exposure; knowing the demand with real time analytics
  • Understanding customer profitability by segment
  • Matching customers with the right products using intelligent distribution
  • Protecting margin by knowing when another action is more profitable than a price reduction
  • Receiving alerts when there is a problem or major opportunity

Seamless ME 2019 day 2 @ 14:00

PANEL: Expanding your customer journey strategy

  • Delivering value with mapping to infuse the customer’s point of view into their activities
  • Realigning metrics, analytics, experience design, and innovation around customer journeys
  • Defining your end-goal and building your framework
  • Ranking touchpoints by importance: don’t be overwhelmed by the experiential aspect of marketing
  • Understanding the essentials:a. Removing pain pointsb. Raising the barc. Minimising customer effortd. Accelerating the processe. Driving customer retention
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