Deepika Stojanovic | Co-Founder
The Gaggler

Deepika Stojanovic, Co-Founder, The Gaggler

Deepika is cofounder of The Gaggler, an App turning a standard glossy magazine into a powerful shoppable platform. She has been instrumental in taking the new-to-the-region idea to fruition in less than a year and continues to lead the marketing and sales functions. Deepika is also part of the management team at Prime Link Logistics, which gives her a well-honed understanding of the brick-and-mortar economy across the region. Deepika is a graduate from Parsons and has also served in strategic roles in branding in Australia.


Seamless ME 2019 day 2 @ 14:00

PANEL: Expanding your customer journey strategy

  • Delivering value with mapping to infuse the customer’s point of view into their activities
  • Realigning metrics, analytics, experience design, and innovation around customer journeys
  • Defining your end-goal and building your framework
  • Ranking touchpoints by importance: don’t be overwhelmed by the experiential aspect of marketing
  • Understanding the essentials:a. Removing pain pointsb. Raising the barc. Minimising customer effortd. Accelerating the processe. Driving customer retention
last published: 15/Apr/19 13:15 GMT

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