Azzam Jarad | Chief Technology Officer

Azzam Jarad, Chief Technology Officer,

Azzam Jarad spent the last 20 years in automating and optimizing business processes in different industries, capitalizing on his consulting, technical and management skills. He worked across a variety of areas including eCommerce, Retail, Communications, Manufacturing and Education. 
Azzam headed complex custom-development projects and led several ERP implementations including NetSuite and SAP. He led the operations unit for large organizations, which included the departments of human resources, sales, purchasing, warehousing and information technology. 
Azzam worked in several leading eCommerce startups in the region, playing several roles from being an investor, co-founder, consultant, COO and CTO positions. Currently Azzam is part of family as Chief Technology Officer. As CTO at, Azzam’s mission is to make sure the scalable technology is running in the most efficient and optimized manner to enhance customer service. Knowing more about customers and their buying behavior is one of the crucial tasks eCommerce environments, and that what we are striving to achieve.


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