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Athbi Al Enezi, , Just Clean

Athbi is the Joint Managing Partner and one of the Co-Founders of Just Clean.
Prior to establishing the business, Athbi worked in the banking sector where he gained invaluable knowledge in the field of human resources.
Athbi was born and raised in Kuwait until his late teens when he moved to the United Kingdom. Upon completion his education, he embarked upon a career in the hospitality industry which offered him significant experience of consumer behavior.
Upon his return to Kuwait, whilst still in the banking sector, Athbi along with his brother Nouri Al Enezi, inspired by the fast-moving e-commerce industry in the region, decided to set up the first laundry market place application. They took their motivation from the leading, local e-commerce pioneers and saw an opportunity to merge the traditional method of cleaning with the advancements that the technology sector had to offer.
Together they launched Masbagti in April of 2016 and in February 2017 the business partnered with Faith Capital and was successfully re-launched under the new branding of Justclean.


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PANEL: What do they want?

  • Ensuring your business is different: give investors something to talk about
  • Guaranteeing you offer the potential for immediate vertical growth
  • Offering investors the option to exit regardless of success
  • People make a company. Is your team strong enough?
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